Unraveling The Importance Of My SQL Database In Web Hosting Package

2015-04-16by Florence Taylor

Today, as we are all pacing towards dynamic websites in order to achieve remarkable success, hosting services with advanced features provide the best medium to run a business with best-in-class functionality.

Web hosting is the pivotal element when you want to embark an online presence with your own domain name and brand identity. To put simply, it is the backbone of your website. Whenever you purchase a web hosting service, your hosting provider always includes the database feature in the price quotation. Many of us are unaware about databases and why it is integrated into a website. Well, don’t panic, here you can see why do we require databases in the website.

With web hosting package, we are generally provided with relational database systems or RDBMS. If we take Windows web hosting, then here comes Microsoft SQL aka MSSQL database system while in Linux web hosting, we get My SQL database system. Both database structures put your data in tabular format to make the data retrieval fast and easy. Following are the significant advantages of having databases driven website.

Security- A major advantage to store the detain databases is the ability to protect the database from unauthorized access. For instance, storage of login credentials, that means it can be stored in a simple text file and can be read from your script which does the authentication. Databases have the ability to encrypt the entries through hash algorithm and thus provide a secured environment. To read or write the database, you need to specify the login details, something which is not easily possible by ordinary text file.

Efficiency- As your data is stored in tabular format, retrieval and storage has become more efficient.SQL stands for structured query language, hence it stores the data based on certain conditions to make the website functionality smooth. Unlike a spreadsheet, it is far different and efficient way to store data. This validation is inherent in the properties of SQL and serves as an added advantage for a programmer.

Database system allows developers to modify, update and alter the rows and columns to meet the desired logic which in turn derive the website functionality. Due to various inbuilt mechanisms present in RDBMS, they are the most preferred database system for fetching and storing of the data.

Administrative control- A database system has many control mechanism which allows easy administration of the database and tables associated with it. Each user is provided with a specific right to access the database, allowing restrictions in access to secure the data from being tampered, modified or altered. Database administrator has the comprehensive control over database system, he/ she can tweaks many settings of the database such as restricting the flow of data, the connection speed, maximum number of connections to the server and even they can adjust the hardware resources allocated to perform a particular query.

Today, as the world is moving towards ecommerce venture, you always require user-contributed content to enhance your site experience that is more user-friendly. For example, many websites provide a mechanism through which visitors can engage in discussion, making reviews and adding their preferred choice that deliberately useful for a website to improve and grow. Such kind of interaction can improve the user experience, engage visitors on the site, and generate leads as well as helping site owner’s to accumulate extensive feedback about their product and services.

There are many benefits associated with database system to an organization:

- It makes your website more dynamic
- It lets you know what online users are saying about your products/ services.
- It engenders loyalty
- It helps in encouraging more visitors to come back on site and the base of audience grows.

A database driven website will completely automate our business and you will garner huge profit. In short, it is available with all top web hosting packages you purchase. You have the database administrative control to align your restrictions and make your website secure. Automate your business with a database centric website and transform it to the next level.

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