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5 Cloud Computing Predictions For 2015
2015-03-10 by  Cindy Boesel


During the last few years, cloud technologies revolutionized the way in which we collaborate, store our digital files and share them with others. Many businesses which embraced the potential of the cloud now enjoy a cheaper infrastructure and a potential for scaling with no worries about the technical side of their IT. What's in store for cloud technologies in 2015? Read on to find out.

1. More companies will embrace the cloud

Experts predict that by the end of 2015, cloud will become a standard. All traditional companies that tried to avoid it will finally embrace the solution or risk falling behind in their industries. This IBM study among CISO's (Chief Information Security Officers) showed that 86% of them are willing to guide their organizations towards the cloud.

2. Prices will fall dramatically

This is a trend that everyone involved in the industry is talking about now. The cloud industry became more competitive than ever and this situation informs a general tendency toward reductions in prices of the service and increasing storage limits.

It's not likely that the prices of cloud services will literally reach the bottom, but this year will surely show us the consequences of the price race among providers. Some claim that one of its results will be a reinvigorated drive towards innovation as providers will strive to differentiate their services by using other factors than price.

3. Microsoft will go for cloud

In a recent report, Forrester predicts that in 2015 Microsoft will aim for the cloud by generating more profits through its cloud platform than by means of the traditional on-premise services like server OS, applications and tools.

Following its CEO, Satya Nadella's cloud-first mandate, Microsoft will delegate its developer teams to focus on revamping their cloud functionalities. It's very likely that Microsoft's 'on-premises second' mandate will become the general rule of thumb for the industry. Is Microsoft preparing to beat Amazon Web Services at their own game? Only time will tell.

4. Docker will get more popular

Another great insight from Forrester – by the end of 2015, the open source container technology called Docker will become more popular than ever. The majority of the largest public cloud providers are expected to support it in the near future. 

Thanks to Docker users can easily build, manage and move applications in the cloud. It's one of many tools meant to support application migration, which are predicted to gain popularity in 2015.

5. Cloud security will continue to matter

An insightful study by 451 Research predicts that cloud security spending will increase in 2015. As new IT architectures evolve, developers face new challenges –security among them.

In 2015, enterprises will use mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, as well as venture capital and private equity funds to ensure that all data stored in the cloud is secure – using both classic and innovative tools to create layered data security systems.

When it comes to the cloud, 2015 won't be revolutionary – trends initiated in 2014 will get stronger, prices of cloud services will fall and service providers will innovate their cloud offers by carefully following market and industry changes.


Cindy Boesel works at BizStats.co.uk. She is interested in the British startups scene and the ways mobile is changing business globally.

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Cindy Boesel

Cindy Boesel

Cindy Boesel works at BizStats.co.uk. She is interested in the British startups scene and the ways mobile is changing business globally. View Cindy Boesel`s profile for more

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