What The Future Of Cloud Computing Will Bring

2014-09-09by Mary Ann Keeling

Cloud computing has evolved at a staggering rate. The ability for businesses and individual users to store, manage, and engage with data on a number of levels has transformed the entire web experience.

For businesses that require a secure and efficient data infrastructures, there is now a wide range of options in the way of cloud computing services. SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, and IaaS have become profitable products that are applied in many different industries.

These are powering many of the largest businesses that now operate in the cloud-based market. The future of cloud computing is likely to bring even more innovation in how these products are designed and used.

Even now, the industry is moving towards combining all of these services into one unified product. By utilizing cloud computing in all aspects of business, organizations are harnessing multiple tools into a process that is more efficient, and brings a higher return on investment.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based services that combine the functionality of the best cloud computing services into one product are beginning to appear on the market today. This gives businesses a single solution that reduces cost, increases return, and maximizes their available resources.

These products integrate the best features of cloud-based data, infrastructure, software, and platforms to provide what some refer to as XaaS (Anything as a Service).

Companies such as Australia’s Macquarie telecom are now delivering a complete range of services in combination with their full line telecommunications capabilities to provide powerful new solutions for world businesses and organizations.

These service packages are set to replace the traditional IT service that have now become a commodity for many businesses—one that uses up valuable resources with little return in revenue.

Focused Services and Accountability

The biggest benefit that businesses will gain is a singular focus of all of their cloud-based data and infrastructure operations. All decisions and actions can be made with the security of one integrated product addressing different needs of the company.

In addition, this streamlines processes and systems, while isolating one point of accountability for issues or concerns.

Bringing it All Together

This shift towards an integrated and comprehensive cloud computing solution is part of a natural evolution dictated by the needs of today’s businesses. It’s comparable to the outsourcing of specialized service and products that occurs in the manufacturing industries. 

A single manufacturer doesn’t produce every component of its product. It simply aggregates a variety of services, materials, and labour, to create an end product.

Using specialists to perform the tasks that would otherwise be too costly or time-consuming allows manufacturers to scale production, simplify the supply chain, reduce overhead costs, and increase their bottom line.

XaaS takes the same model and applies it to the cloud-computing infrastructure of businesses. Macquarie Telecom, for example, provides businesses with a virtual data centre (VDC) that gives organizations a complete storage, computing, and networking infrastructure that is easy to manage.

For businesses using XaaS products, this provides the ultimate security and efficiency to invest their most valuable resources on growing their business.

A business purchases one single product with XaaS. That product is designed to meet performance and cost expectations as guaranteed by the provider. The buyer uses minimal capital investment to build powerful and centralized hubs for doing business.

The development and use of XaaS products has already begun to transform the nature of operations for many businesses. IT services have become a commodity that provides little return on the investment for a business. This is just one indication of what the future of cloud computing will bring.

If a service doesn’t provide value that can be measured, businesses will begin looking elsewhere for those who specialize in delivering cloud-computing services. IT services can themselves be sourced to external providers, allowing businesses to free up some of their resources on high-value operations.

XaaS products are looking to be future of cloud computing. Their development is based on marketing principles that have been used in other industries. Their application, however, will completely innovate businesses of the future. 

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Mary Ann Keeling

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