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2014-07-23by Priya Saxena

Cloud computing has undergone radical changes and has revolutionized the way companies do business Undeniably, this technology is being adopted at a rapid pace by companies owing to the benefits it has to offer. Additionally, businesses are seeking for explicit and robust strategies to gain agility and to achieve faster time to market. The rampant adoption of this evolving technology has increased the level of competition amongst the cloud hosting service providers to deliver outclass services to their users.

According to the research conducted recently, approximately 60% of the SMBs are presently using public cloud solutions, and 72% of companies have virtualized major portions of their servers. This growth in cloud adoption is expected to growing the near future.

Hybrid clouds: Both public cloud model and private cloud models have always been a debatable topic. Hybrid cloud is an amalgamation of private cloud security along with the cost-effective and resilient public cloud attributes. Hybrid cloud provides a host of choices for tailor-made solutions while big data advocates and security managers remain gratified. This cloud computing model has gained new heights of popularity. As a result, companies are pacing up to embrace this technology and to put an end to the debate.

Bring your own Device (BYOD) - Mobile devices are increasing day by day, making €Bring your own Device' (BYOD)an imperative need in the realms of digital world. Users are constantly using mobile devices for uploading their mission-critical data on the cloud for storage, streaming and synching. This calls for the need for integration of personal cloud services in BYOD environment.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - Platform-as-a-Service enable companies to slash down their overall IT overhead costs while enhancing application development through various testing and development techniques. According to IDC, by 2017, it is expected that the PaaS market will proliferate from $3.7 billion to $14 billion worldwide.

Big data analytics- Similar to public and private cloud computing model, big data analytics is one of the hyped topics. Most of the organizations have realized that fusing big data analytics with cloud computing will be much easier than picking one over the other. It is expected in the next few years, big data analytics will provide easily manageable and scalable tool to grow and thrive.

Graphics as a service- To run high-end graphics applications, robust infrastructure is mandatory. You need to make substantial investment on the hardware, and other components. However, the evolution of. However, the emergence of cloud computing has definitely transformed this reality to a great extent.

Therefore, cloud technology is expected to reach every market sector.

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