Essential Cloud Storage Features For Your Small Business Needs

2014-06-06 by drupal

According to Microsoft, 70 percent of small businesses have not implemented cloud solutions into their arsenals. This is a rather surprising number given the various benefits of using a cloud platform. Cloud storage allows for the backup of your team’s most precious data, gives easy access to data anywhere in the world, and offers increased security from malicious threats. Various facets of your small business will see an increase in productivity, as long as the right features are included in your package.


The inherent complexities of accounting include tracking account receivables, cash flow, payroll and financial stability. Moving your accounting to the cloud will help organize the mountains of financial data and enable you to focus on other aspects of your business, notes Business in Savannah.

Cloud-based accounting systems like Quickbooks or Kashoo enable universal synchronization of all your accounting needs. Quickbooks allows you to easily create invoices for any sales, as well as assist in tracking your spending. Kashoo allows users to link all their bank accounts to track expenses and categorize income to help you avoid an audit from the IRS.


Small businesses often outsource their marketing. Small businesses may use freelancers to create content on their blogs or they may have designers revamp their websites to attract larger audiences. Small businesses may also have banks of marketing data with sensitive material, like a database of customer information or a detailed marketing plan.

A cloud storage application like Dropbox is perfect for sharing your marketing materials with freelancers. For example, a freelance designer can access your Dropbox account for the new logo you want for your site’s redesign. The designer can then complete the logo to your guidelines and share it with you through your team’s Dropbox folder. Keep your mind at peace as Dropbox stores all your files using a 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your data is safe from any unwarranted hackers.


If your small business requires a robust sales team, then cloud storage systems are ideal for managing, targeting, and eventually executing on your most precious leads. Businesses can store lead information in a safe, secure space which can be accessed by any of your team members anywhere in the world.

In addition to storing information on your leads, the cloud enables you to store and share any proposals given to your prospects. Your prospects can be given access to a public link via SugarSync’s system, which lets them review the proposal generated by your team. Once you close the deal, you can share the proposal to your account management team and create work orders within the cloud right away.

These are a few examples of ways cloud storage systems can benefit your small business. It is important to gauge your vital needs and what a new cloud storage platform can do for your business. Top10CloudStorage.com has a comprehensive list of reviews of the top cloud storage platforms to choose from.

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