How The Cloud Is Changing The Face Of HR

2013-12-06 by Vanessa Mayes

Cloud computing technologies are finding their way into every aspect of business. In the steady march toward automation, humanity is now in the process of automating the recruiting process. This goes beyond the mere pre-screening process that has given companies the ability to handle the bombardment of resumes since the Global Financial Crisis.

Cloud platforms are allowing job seekers and employers to find each other more easily. It is an innovation that will drive a globalized job market, giving companies access to the best possible employees, and workers access to the best possible companies.

Companies are selling both recruiting software for internal use by enterprises and access to their own platform, where smaller businesses can take.

Job Seekers

Cloud recruiting platforms do a number of things for job seekers. They allow a person to upload a resume, conduct recorded practice interviews where they can watch themselves and be critiqued by others, and search for employers using the platform.

Given the ability to practice interviews, review questions, and receive feedback, the interviewee gains a significant advantage over the traditional job seeker as a candidate. That is on top of significant savings in the time and financial investments normally required for travel.


Companies benefit greatly from this technology, because a pre-recorded interview, which requires no appointments and can be held simultaneously for hundreds of people, allows them to interview far more candidates than the traditional method would. Candidates from all over the world can then be chosen for a live follow up video interview.

The efficiency afforded by cloud recruiting platforms frees up time internally and expands the applicant pool exponentially, as the vast majority of candidates cannot be asked to travel great distances for an interview unless they are narrowed down to the final few.

By reducing the investment for both parties, job seekers can apply to far more positions and gain a stronger bargaining position, whereas companies can review more applicants

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