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2013-11-25by Cave Johnson

The past decade led to the rapid rise of cloud based technologies. Cloud computing in large companies now is very essential rather than an exception. This massive change from traditional data handling methods to cloud computing needs to be optimized so that maximum benefit is derived. The recent recession has forced companies to optimize their data handling capabilities with a view to cut costs and this also resulted in increased efficiency of the organizations. With a view towards optimizing, we need to understand that there are three components of cloud services - Sharing, Backup and Security and all three are necessary for its successful implementation.

File Sharing: Many organizations realize that outsourcing their file sharing through offsite servers actually helps save costs, manpower, both of which are equally critical in these competitive times but more importantly it enables an organization to focus on its core areas. Because of the expertise of secure cloud services, economies of scale and enhanced security can be obtained. These services also make use of the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) stream to ensure security of data while file sharing and to further achieve this end they also make use of encryptions and protocols like FTPS, HTTPS etc.

Backup: While backing up their data, many companies do not pay much attention towards optimizing it. The reason why it is important is because it helps in faster retrievals of data in case of loss of data.

- There are several online backups and also back up software and they offer myriad of services some of which include automatic backup, elimination and prevention of storage of duplicate files and thereby maximizing available space and thus optimizing the data storage process and cutting down costs.

- Cloud backup also forms an important part of a company’s cloud computing strategy. Optimization in this respect essentially involves integrating and harmonizing the company’s internal policies with those of the cloud, integrating the backup software with the companies’ software so that there is no conflict, and also creating large number of local files to ensure faster restore times.

Security: In our continuing focus on optimization, security also plays an important role. Many organizations have now realized that the interest of having better security is not served by handling everything on their own but rather by utilizing the service of a secure cloud service. This helps lower the unnecessary overheads of the company and enables it to focus on its domain work. The secure cloud services also provide an entire array of protection, thus helping it to better secure data.

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