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Advantages’ To Host A Data Center In India
2013-10-14 by  Ricoh India


Web hosting is an integral part of the commercialization of a business entity anywhere in the world. From small and medium companies to the multi-national corporations, they look for web hosts who can provide them with data center space and internet connectivity.

The gradual, yet mercurial, rise of the need for data centers in India could be attributed to several reasons. Most of the Indian entrepreneurs are turning to Indian web hosts and prefer them over their international counterparts for economic incentives.

Web hosts offer their clients a plethora of services to choose from including dedicated servers India, shared hosting and co-location among others. Web hosts in India are an attractive proposition for various reasons; the most notable ones have been listed as down under:

1. The web hosting providers in India offer their services in cheaper rates as compared to the international competitors.

2.  The data centers of the service provider may be located in such a place which will strategically benefit the organization looking to avail the services.

3. The communication barrier is almost non-existent as both the service provider and the client can speak in their native languages. Eg. for an Indian client, it is always convenient to communicate the organizational and business requirements effectively in their native tongue with an Indian service provider rather than doing the same with an European service provider.

4. With the data centers being in the same time zone as the client himself, any communication that needs to be done between the two parties is easier.

5. The service provider can effectively customize the sought services as he is completely aware of the domestic market.

6. In case of on-site visit of the data center by the client, it is much easier to visit any facility in India as compared to that outside the country.

7. Reliable and user friendly services as the provider is geographically very close to the client.

8. Very low or negligible latency due to the proximity of the data center from the organization. The geographical proximity does contribute to improving the latency and page load speed of the website.

It would not be extreme to say that web hosts in India are in high demand given the multitude of benefits one would enjoy availing the services from them. And with Ricoh India offering a variety of services to an ever expanding client base with the best customer support, we are gradually becoming one of the power players in the field of cloud services.

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Ricoh India

Ricoh India Limited

Ricoh India is one of the leading data center service providers in the country having state of the art Data Centers in New Delhi and Kolkata. The Data Center is precision-controlled air-conditioning systems with incorporated N+1 redundancy. We guarantee uninterrupted uptime of your server thanks to our backup power lines, high capacity power generators, electricity lines and lease lines. The security and safety of your server and the Data Center is of prime importance and we ensure the same by having state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems. Sophisticated onsite security through surveillance cameras and advanced biometric systems to prevent unauthorized entry. Networking equipment are fully redundant high-end switches and routers, BGP4 routing for optimal path selection and full redundancy, etc.

Features of Ricoh Data Center:-

N+1" Redundancy EngineeringCarrier Neutral Facilities99.99% uptimeInstant Server & Equipment SetupLowest LatencyHighly Available at Lowest Cost

Services offer by Ricoh Data Center:-

Dedicated ServersCloud Server HostingVirtual Private ServersEmail HostingManaged HostingDisaster Recovery PlansPrivate Cloud HostingPublic Cloud HostingHybrid Cloud HostingDocument Management System - RicohDocs

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