Do I Have The Right Website Template?

2013-07-17by Amy Morin

Whether you’re creating a new website for your business or you want to redo the current one, choosing the right template is important.

It can make a big difference when it comes to how much time you’ll need to spend working on it and how much traffic your site will draw.

Consider these issues when selecting your website template:


Choosing the proper style is essential to your website. This will determine how your website looks and feels to your viewers.

The style of your template should match the purpose of your website. For example, a simple blog should have a simple style. Meanwhile, an ecommerce site that sells products should have features that make it easy for customers to browse.

Also, consider who your target audience is going to be.

Are existing customers likely to go to your website looking for information? Or are you hoping to attract mostly new customers and your website will simply offer them a little more information about your business? The style should match the goal of your website.

The template should also set the tone for your business.

For example, a motorcycle helmet website should have a different tone from a website raising money for a children’s charity. Make sure your style matches the message you want to convey.


When viewing potential templates, you’ll need a layout that will work for your purposes.

For example, do you need a lot of graphics? Or do you want to include charts and tables?

Not all templates will easily accommodate such needs. Choose a template that will offer enough opportunities to meet your content needs.

Also consider the location of the navigation bar.

While some people prefer it on the top, others prefer it on the side. It depends on the needs of your website and how accessible it will be to your viewers.

Customization Needs

The whole point of choosing a template is so you don’t have to design a website from scratch. However, most people want to be able to add some of their own personality to their website.

Consider how much customization each template would need before you will feel like it is customized to match the message you want associated with your business.

If it is going to require a complete overhaul, you’re better off to skip it and find a new template.

Professional Design

Make sure that any template you choose looks professionally designed. If it’s likely that adding your text and graphics will make the template still look amateur-like, look for a new template.

There are a variety of templates available for a variety of prices.

Don’t try to pinch your pennies too much when it comes to purchasing a template. After all, it’s likely going to either deter or attract customers to your business.

Search Engine Friendly

Any template you choose needs to be search engine friendly. That means it needs to download fast.

No one wants to wait for images to load or videos to begin playing. Your website needs to gain a viewer’s attention by downloading quickly.

It’s also important for a template to be fully functional in all web browsers.

Customers may view your website from a variety of mobile devices with many different web browsers. Choose a template that will allow everyone to view your website.

Choosing the right template is the most important step in creating your business page.

Take your time looking at templates to ensure you’re picking the one that will best meet your needs.

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