Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

2013-02-19by Lucy Goodell

Currently, the world of web is witnessing another huge revolution with the innovative technology of the cloud hosting. However, Cloud technology is still in its growing stage, and is in anticipation of finding huge scale acceptance by consumers and application development companies and organizations and people are working really hard to make cloud computing models highly secure and accessible for a large audience.

Nonetheless, today many persons started showing their interest and some positive response towards the cloud services, and it is very essential for any new client or user to go through the positive and negative sides of the cloud hosting and it is important for any new user to learn about its advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and this will help you in deciding the right thing for your business.

Some unique advantages of cloud computing technology

1. Cloud will reduces the overall cost of your business and helps in maintaining and managing the company within a limited budget. You don't need to pay for any kind of extra features like data storage devices, updates, extra money for licensed software's and many other added features and advantages.

2. No problem of licensing and updated software's for your business. You can easily access any software of your likeness.

3. A software development company can create customized solutions for small and big enterprises according to their requirements and that too within the allotted budget.

4. One of the best advantages of cloud computing technologies is the portability; with you can work from home or anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection from your mobile or laptop and also you can check upon the tasks done by your fellow employees.

5. Cloud services have recently become a data sharing center and with this the sharing has become quite easy and flexible.

6. As according to the views of the developers the cloud computing deployment models are very much safe and secure as compared to the hosting services used in the past.

7. It provides the independence to work from any place and the office work can be easily manageable and also the deadline is easily met and things are done with the latest available technology and software.

Disadvantages of cloud computing

Everything in the world has its share of good and bad qualities, similarly cloud services also have some bad qualities that are to be solved in the future.

1. Cloud services entirely depend upon the speed of the internet connection that some time creates problems for the persons. In case of a slow connection and absence of the internet people are not able to precede their works.

2. Data sharing on cloud services sometimes becomes an issue of legal and security.

3. As we all know the cloud services are in an emerging stage and clients have to wait for the required updates and with this some concern about the security of the server arises which has to be compromised by the client sometimes.

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