Relationship Between Mobile And Cloud

2012-09-19by Christa Joe

Technology is improving day by day and innovation is contributing to its development. This consistent development has established its utility in different domains be it for personal use or at enterprise level. Devices are introduced and a lot of applications are introduced with them as well, so that users can make use of technology to save time. Mobile devices are one such innovation of technology which allow users to communicate wirelessly. New generation devices even consider the data needs of users and provides with digital data capabilities in mobile. However, data stored locally can be accessed anytime but what if data is not stored in memory of the device?

To overcome this issue, another technological advancement called cloud computing or simply cloud was introduced. This technology allows the communication between the device and a centrally stored repository so as to access the data anytime, anywhere. The core essence of both the technologies is their ability to provide mobility to the user, that too, wirelessly. This key factor can be considered as one such reason to draw a relationship between them.

The access to cloud platform from a mobile device is a milestone in evolution of cloud computing and mobile technologies. Various features of both the technologies serve users in one way or another

  • A feature like flexibility, which enables these technologies to change the service they provide according to the need of the user. New mobile technologies and various cloud computing platforms are giving us a picture of the current infrastructure of technology, which is efficient enough to facilitate users according to their level of requirement.
  • Another add-on feature is scalability, which makes both these technologies to either upgrade or downgrade their services. Scalability is the factor which attracts more number of users and also popularize the deployment of these advancements.
  • Mobility is what the people of today want. Everything in their hands, anytime, anywhere. While mobile devices provide the ease of carrying a medium or interface to access the remotely stored data, cloud platforms, on the other hand, provide high availability and anytime accessibility to data through the device.
  • Ease-of-use for users makes them more popular. All the technical sophistication are abstracted from the users and the end user gets the most simple and easy to use product.

Some other add-on features which makes use of both the technologies is the the concept of enterprise mobility. This concept allows the workforce to stay connected with the internal network or Intranet of the organization even after crossing the borders of the organization. This concept aims at improving the productivity of the workforce so as to allow them to access internal or related data while being present at some remote location.

BYOD or bring-your-own-device is another business concept which makes use of mobile technology as well cloud platform to enable the employee to use their personal gadget to connect to the enterprise network of a company. Deployment of such concept cuts-out a considerable amount of cost from the budget of the company and saves most of the maintenance cost spent on infrastructure.

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