How Bandwidth Affects Your Website?

2012-09-05 by reena jha

Generally we know about the bandwidth as frequencies which transmitted data in a fixed amount of time and in hosting organizations bandwidth called for data transferring between server and client commuters. In a short to define of bandwidth “it’s a bridge to data transfer which set how much data can be transferred“

What are the effects of bandwidth on your website?

Suppose you have car that can perform with two sitters with 40 kmph and I have a car that can run with 120 kmph with eight sittings. Isn’t I am very well? Same things happen in bandwidth the less bandwidth will make introduce you with your visitor by slow website. In case if you have good visits at your website then your may experience your site unavailable because you've reached the maximum bandwidth allowed.  In other case while you have higher bandwidth website will perform nicely.

How to reduce the usage of bandwidth?

You can make your web lighter by following few tips that can make simpler and efficient website. Videos, flashes, Audio are some files which should not be used in website. If they are highly needed then it should be in fewer manners. Let’s make all things in point –

•    Use content instead of Images – Images is necessary at every web pages which shows thousand of words about your website. So it’s useless to tell make website with only content. But use them in short quantity with alt tags. Use CSS to call images which is best way to introduce images.

•    Use external source to call CSS and JavaScript’s – Embedding CSS and Java script at every pages is not right way and that is only help increase long time to run website so it’s better call externally.

•    Remove Unnecessary HTML Code, Tags and White Spaces – Use compressor or gzip that remove white spaces, unnecessary HTML use and increase website performance by reducing bandwidth.

•    Set an expiry date in the HTTP headers – It’s better to set expiry dates because browser will be able to update with latest updates on your website. Many times we may remove few CSS or script which is in cached on browser and keep use in bandwidth which load high

These are the common factor but before implementing all these things you should also consider your bandwidths requirements that can be measured by number of visitors at your website, page views, and forecasting of coming visitors.

Good web hosting company can help you to get best performance for your website and Apoto host provider is the well known name for this.

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