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Is Web Hosting With Free Domain A Scam?
2012-04-30 by  Jason Chao


More and more web hosting companies offer free domain name with their web server plans. Web hosting business is very competitive. Server companies need to provide more attractive services to their customers to get the business, so that "web hosting with free domain" really makes many webmasters happy. But, does "web hosting with free domain" really give you free domain names? In other words, can you fully control this "free domain"?.

What is "Web Hosting with Free Domain"?
Free domain means you get a domain name for free. When you sign a web hosting plan with a hosting provider, you can register a domain or domains through your host provider without payment. That means you own a free domain (domains), your hosting company pays to the domain registrar. In other words, the hosting provider takes money from your website hosting services fee to pay the domain. We should read the words like "Web Hosting with Free Domain that will be paid by yourself."

Why they offer you web hosting with free domain?
Like I said at the beginning of this article, website host companies need to attract customers in this very competitive market. But, website server providers don't take money from their pocket; they take money from your server services fee. You are the one that actually pay for the "free" domain. The purpose of "web hosting with free domain" is putting lure and waiting for you to bite.

Is the domain name from "website hosting with free domain" really free?
Again, the domain registration fee comes from your website hosting fee, so that it is not free actually. There is no free lunch under the sky. I don't think a "free domain" is a bonus, contrarily, I do think there are disadvantages for getting a free domain with web hosting. Why? Keep reading. I am going to tell you the truth.

What is behind "web hosting with free domain"?
"Web Hosting with Free domain" is like a lure for a fish. If you want a free domain, you have to choose a paid website host plan. So there is no risk for the web hosting companies.
Furthermore, some website hosting provider use "free domain" to make a trap. When you move your website hosting to other hosting provider, you have to pay much expensive price for the "free domain", most of them ask $29.99 for example. The worst thing is you have to pay it; otherwise, you will lose this domain name.
The web hosting companies not only risk free for offering a free domain to you, but also make some extra money from you when you leave for other hosting provider. From the point of view, "web hosting with free domain" is not a truth, because there is no "free domain" at all. You have to pay for the "free domain" sooner or later. At least, the hosting provider should add a sentence like "The free domain is only free as long as you have a active hosting account with us". Is "web hosting with free domain" a scam? You have the answer.

What should you do with "Web Hosting with Free Domain"?
Domain name is the most important assets for your internet marketing, so that you have to make sure that the domain name is belong to you. Now you know there is no such "free domain" from a web hosting company. I always buy domain names from reliable domain registrars, like Godaddy, 1and1, and Netfirms. I fully control my domain names by myself. I never believe that "web hosting with free domain" will give me something free. I always read their "free domain" terms in the terms of service. If you just want to test something without investing, you can ask a free domain with your web hosting plan. If you want the serious domain name for your internet business, never use the "free domain" from your web hosting provider.

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