Don't Spend An Arm Or Leg On Web Hosting Services

2012-04-27 by Dave Thomas

As more and more small businesses look to save money wherever possible in challenging financial times, where you go for your company’s web hosting needs can impact your revenue stream.

In the event you’re a small business in need of web hosting services, however you are looking to avoid breaking the bank for such needs, there are affordable options out there if you know where to look for them.

For your business to save money on its web hosting needs, keep these items in mind:

  • Know the needed capacity – The amount of storage capacity your company will require depends on what kind of site you are putting together. In the event you will be constructing an article directory where your needed web space will grow quickly, look to how much the cost will increase for such extra space;
  • Know the bandwidth – A key financial factor here is to know what amount of bandwidth your site is likely to need, especially if you foresee giving your audience things like audio, podcasts, streaming video etc. Best advised to look to a setup that permits you to utilize bandwidth greater than your present requirement;
  • Know what happens when you exceed limits – In the event you exceed your bandwidth limits; make sure you know whether or not automatic charges will kick in. Make sure that your account is not automatically deactivated, as that will obviously present an issue with you serving your customers;
  • Know if you will be charged a setup fee – As the competition among web hosting providers grows, that should mean savings for your business. If a web host provider says it will be charging you a setup fee for its services, shop around. The more competition should be beneficial and not detrimental to your needs;
  • Know the money back guarantee arrangement – Like anything your business purchases, make sure you have in writing and understand what the terms are. This is especially important as it relates to any warranty and a money back guarantee. Should you not be entirely satisfied with the service, you want to make sure you do something about it before any pre-noted time limit to act.


As you turn to a web hosting provider, also keep in mind the importance of such factors as speed and reliability, any hidden costs, tech support, high-quality server, facilities available and more.

One of the key points just mentioned is tech support, as the goal here is to find a hosting provider that is available on a 24-hour basis. We all know that server issues happen at all hours of the day, so don’t get stuck with a service provider that is out to lunch so to speak when you need them most. Come up with some “test” questions ahead of time for each provider to see how they will assist you and how quickly they can do it.

Also, make sure you do a background check on the service provider/s you are thinking about going with. Look to see if they have any history of complaints, if their company is financially solvent and if they have a track record of quality service. Any red flags should lead you to look elsewhere, especially before you sign any kind of contract.

With many different web hosting companies out there, finding the right one for your small business doesn’t have to leave you all unplugged.

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