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The Pros And Cons Of Managed Hosting Versus Self Managed Servers
2012-02-29 by  Dirik Hameed


A website is a vital part of business enterprise in the business world today. Business managers are therefore put up to task to take web hosting as one of the many decisions. We all need our websites to be up and accessible 24/7 all year round and possibly with zero interruptions. Therefore it is important to know what will best help us achieve this; either managed dedicated server hosting or the self managed servers.

When a client leases a server from managed hosting providers and support service from the company; this is referred to as managed dedicated server. Managed dedicated server offers several advantages to the user. Security is the first advantage. Security measures and checks are offered by the hosing company ensuring data is not compromised by Trojan horses and viruses. Data backup is offered by the hosting company which is also a benefit to the client.

Technical support and expertise is the other advantage of using managed dedicated server. Just like other business process outsourcing services, managed dedicated server hosting allows you to leave that part of business to experts while concentrating on your core business. This assures you of better reliability and that is what every business needs for their website for it to make meaningful impact to your business.

Managed servers also have the advantage of being cost effective. This benefit is enjoyed buy small and medium size companies who buying their own server and employing an experts is expensive. A hosting company is in it for business and will therefore hire and retain top notch IT experts to run and maintain their servers, however this would be an unnecessary cost for a different business. You don't have to invest in staff training or dedicate employee man-hours to the maintenance and service of your server. Staff training or dedicated employee man-hours to maintain and service your server is not necessary.

The flip side of managed dedicated server hosting lies in the cost. In managed dedicated hosting the bulk of the money goes to the web hosting company making it expensive compared to self managed server. The extra cost is incurred as a result of the additional services used to run your account. When you choose managed server as a hosting option, you will have very little control as the server is managed by the hosting company.

Looking at costs in absolute term is however recommended. Management of the server is part of the package that you pay for when you choose to use managed dedicated server. For the self managed server, you incur less for the server but more cost I attracted by hiring experts to run and manage your serer and its applications.

Managed dedicated server hosting is a good option for small enterprises that wish to focus on growth of core business. It also favors their small budget on web hosting costs. For a company that wishes to get resources such as bandwidth, server space and benefit from the accumulate expertise and experience of a web hosting company, then managed dedicated server hosting should be their choice.

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