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2011-06-29by EladDomb

If you own, run or operate any kind of business, chances are you're also looking to make an impact on the web. The internet has become one of the most powerful revenue generating tools in existence, through a combination of advertising, search capability and consumers looking for whatever they may want or need at any particular time or place. Long gone are the days of actually needing a physical location - a store or warehouse - to operate a successful business.  The internet has changed the landscape forever. So, how can you get your business on the web?

One of the first things you'll need to do is to find a capable, reputable and established web host. A web host is "a web server provider which offers space for "hosting" websites". You'll need some virtual real estate in order to set up shop. While it may seem simple enough to open the yellow pages and find some local web hosting businesses, there are a number of things you should both be aware of and considering before you commit to any host. There are definitely some features a small or beginning business should be looking for in a potential host.

One of the biggest and most essential considerations when choosing a web host should be its reputation and reliability. It's like a domino effect - the reliability of the web hosting provider has a direct impact on the business owner’s ability to conduct business, which in turn affects the business and livelihood of the business owner. If you choose a host with a solid reputation (*check message boards, blogs, other clients etc, for honest user feedback), you're likely going to be getting reliability too.

The next important thing a business owner needs to look for in a webhost is e-commerce ability. E-commerce models exist in various forms - there are many applications, packages and platforms for conducting internet business. If you have not settled on a package already, there are many hosts who offer e-commerce capability and will provide various packages that include things like applications for processing sales, shopping carts etc. Since this is the platform on which you'll conduct your business, it is imperative that you get exactly what you require. You can always move to a bigger host with more capabilities later if your business outgrows its initial home.

As part of conducting business over the internet, you'll need the ability to enable and process sales electronically through your website. With the ubiquitous threat of identity fraud alive and well on the internet, it is important to put forth to customers the security of your site. No hosting service that is serious about hosting business sites will be without an SSL (Secure Socket Layer - "SSL") certificate. It is the highest form of security credentials a business website can possess. One thing to note - depending on whether you're opting for shared or private hosting, be aware that a private SSL certificate displays the business name in the browser, an SSL certificate from a shared host will only show the name of the web host. This can appear somewhat suspicious to customers.

Customer service is the other big issue to deal with when choosing a host - a good host will ensure that customer service is never an issue for you! As a small business owner, you have to have reasonable assurances that if an issue arises with your site or space that it will be dealt with swiftly, correctly and professionally. Anything less could have an adverse impact on your site and your sales. A good host will provide email, phone, and sometimes, live chat, as lifelines for clients. Always test  these services yourself - send an email, a help desk ticket or make a call and see how good the service offered to you really is.

A good host is the bridge between you and your web based customers. Choose carefully, ask questions and ask more questions. Your ability to conduct business, your ability to make profit and your reputation will all depend on the choice(s) you make. To foster and maintain satisfaction, trust and the confidence of your customers is your priority. Being satisfied with, confident in and trusting of your web host will rest on the choices you make!

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Web Hosting at ReviewItOnline.net is a large team of experienced webmasters, web users, site owners and company leaders here to help you - webmasters of the future with all of your website hosting needs. Together we have years of online experience in creating successful websites and online products.

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