The Best Card Processing Options for a Business on the Move

2011-02-11by EladDomb

It used to be that you could only accept credit card payments if you had a card machine in your store or office; however, technology has evolved, creating many more applications and ways of processing credit cards. If you have a business that is constantly on the move, these systems can help you streamline your operations by allowing you to accept credit card purchases wherever you are and then link them back to your merchant account. This means that sales representatives, street vendors, market stall owners and a wide variety of people can now process credit card transactions. Having this facility makes it more convenient for customers and often results in the merchant enjoying a higher sales volume. When people can pay using credit cards, they are often less conscious of how much they spend.

NURIT 8020

This wireless card processing machine is compact and easy to use. It has a keypad and screen that features a touchscreen display. You can swipe credit cards and get authorization on the transactions wherever you are. The electronic signature capture facility means that you do not need to take an imprint of the card. It also has a store and forward mode that you can use when you are in an area that has a low signal or no signal at all. Perhaps the feature that most users like is that it has a built-in printer. Once you process the transaction, you can immediately get a signature on the credit card slip. This ensures that you have greater protection against possible fraudulent transactions as you can immediately verify the cardholder's signature by checking the signature on the back of the card. This is one of the more expensive wireless options but if you are looking for a machine that provides you with absolutely everything you need to process a credit card, this is the best option for you.

WaySystems MTT 1531 with Printer

This system can be held in the palm of your hand and is moderately cheaper that the NURIT 8020. It looks like a cell phone but has a card swipe facility and printer to process card transactions. The machine is simple and easy to use and can be transported in your jacket pocket or briefcase. This makes it ideal as a lightweight card processing option for business people who travel a lot.

WePay SC30

If you want to limit the amount of additional hardware you purchase then the WePay SC30 may be the solution for you. It integrates with any existing cell phone, allowing you to swipe and complete credit card transactions. It has a small footprint and is very simple to use. It connects to most existing wireless network providers and cell phones. A strong feature of the WePay SC30 is that you can easily download, export and email receipts and transaction data. The system also has some of the best security protocols to ensure top-quality fraud protection.

Touch Tone Capture

To simplify the procedure even further, you can use your existing cell pone to process credit card transactions. This is the most cost-effective card processing solution because it does not require any additional equipment. You can simply key in the credit card details into your phone and get an immediate authorization. It is the ideal choice for business people who frequently travel. Essentially, you use your existing cell phone as a credit card terminal. The software integrates with most cell phones and wireless networks providing a broad range of coverage.

Laptop Wireless Processing

If you travel with your office on your laptop then this could be the ideal solution for you. Rather than having an additional credit card terminal that you need to transport with you, you can simply get the card processing machine that links to your laptop. The card swipe facility operates wirelessly and transfers data to your laptop as soon as you have processed the transaction. This means that you can review the transaction and related data immediately after completing the transaction. If you need to export data, or provide customers with receipts, you can do so easily. The receipts can be emailed and any other transaction data can be easily verified. You can manage your transactions and export the information directly into your accounting system. Being able to keep all your client data on one machine ensures a greater level of security. Using this system, you can process credit card transactions anywhere you have a wireless connection.

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