Advantages of Uniting Cloud Hosting Concept with Dedicated Hosting

2011-01-04by BrainPulse

The arrangement of dedicated hosting has always been among the favorites in the web hosting industry. It a service that enables you to own a complete web server on rental basis for your own private use. Such an arrangement renders an extensive amount of server resources that is can be employed to take the bar of functionality and performance of your web sites at a much higher heights. Actually, a single robust dedicated hosting plan will successfully host dozens, or even hundreds of smaller web sites at the same time.

The restrictions of Conventional Dedicated Hosting

For any webmaster, the idea of dedicated hosting seems ideal irrespective of the fact that many people are not able to precisely predict the count of server resources they would be requiring. This is why they often choose a plan that is neither humongous nor excessive expensive. Opting for plans that need upgrading are also less opted. The rigid upgrading process is indeed the only pitfall attached to dedicated hosting. Fortunately, it has been thoroughly eliminated in hybrid hosting which is an ideal unification of cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

We all acknowledge the uniqueness of Cloud hosting services. The way it has introduced the idea of using virtual networking and enabled combination of server resources of a potentially unlimited amount of dedicated web servers to render a truly easily scalable and unlimited web hosting environment, is definitely a commendable job. The truly advanced web hosting service has revolutionized the web hosting industry bu utilizing a number of server resources at any given point of time.

In addition to rendering unlimited resources, it potentially offer simple and efficient billing structure of any hosting type. Instead of putting on the typical monthly charges, cloud hosting makes it feasible to pay just for the utilized server resources. Moreover, in situations, where a client crosses over his or her set or regular limitations, server resources are collected from other parts of the sever network immediately to meet the growing requirements. At the month end, the complete usage is calculated and charges are put as per the utilized server resources within that billing period.

The idea of Hybrid Hosting

However one may argue that uniting two different hosting arrangements into one is not a fresh thing to test. Earlier, we have seen examples of benefiting uniting of eCommerce hosting and reseller hosting, or cloud VP hosting. But what makes dedicated cloud hosting a little different from all such hosting arrangements is the fact that it employs all networks of dedicated servers that combine to create the eventual hosting environment. Hybrid hosting bears the complete set of benefits that typically come with dedicated hosting, without of losing to any traditional limitations of billing and usage.

Cloud dedicated hosting proffers deluging measure of benefits, especially for companies struggling for expandable solution for their websites. Hybrid hosting empowers you with the massively lucrative effect of cloud VPS hosting, and with the absolute potential and functionality of dedicated hosting. In case of those, dealing with a dedicated hosting plan, the fusion will open a way to upgrade your cloud dedicated hosting plan to be easy and conversant.

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