Infrastructure management: Overview of Enterprise Cloud Enablement Solutions

2010-10-04by Andreina Fernandez

How cloud enablement solutions help in developing better infrastructure and management techniques for your SMBs.

In any business infrastructure, the essential policies, equipments, data, human resources, etc are highly dependant on the way they are managed. Infrastructure management is a critical component in the entire functioning, performance, and progress of a company. With all the elements in business being moved to a cloud platform, infrastructure management in cloud is a trend that is picking up pace. For proper maintenance of infrastructure in the cloud, it is essential to to have the latest technical know-how, expertise and constant monitoring of your virtual data center.

Cloud computing has been in the industry for a few years now and the right set of cloud enablement solutions will help in achieving key strategic goals of your infrastructure management. Lets find out why this is the next big step for your company’s Infrastructure Management and why big players are making a bee line for it.

Why pair IM with Cloud Enablement?

Solutions for infrastructure management in cloud is the current trend mainly because everything is being moved to cloud. With these management services, you can save a lot on money, time, manpower, equipments and more. Lets see how these two blend and deliver a perfect business development solution.

  • Services to reduce TCOs : The total cost of operations will be reduced significantly due to the following reasons :
    • The “data center” is now virtual and hence the requirement for equipments is lesser.
    • The people who work for you do not require a payroll or any such employee benefits.
    • It enables the overall optimization of corporate IT infrastructure along with cost effective use of server resources.
  • Faster response time : Most MSPs follow up with quick response and you can avail their support services 24x7x365. All the prerequisites, sudden changes and other concerns will be dealt with in the apt method and precise time, thereby preventing any issues.
  • Leverage technology: All the latest technology, all your available resources, etc will be used in a way that gives maximum benefit to your business. Apart from this, you are free from keeping yourself constantly updated about the latest technological advancements, technical knowledge, etc as the service providers will take care of all that for you.
  • Performance, scalability & agility: The cloud services have elasticity, which means that you can expand them according to your needs and terminate them when they are not required. With the power of cloud and the right team of experts your infrastructure can reach levels like never before.
  • Easier application deployment : When your business operates on your own private cloud, all the essential the applications can be deployed and run easily as the cloud services are tailored to suit your needs. This ensures that all your crucial applications in the virtual infrastructure are installed, run and maintained in the easiest possible way.
  • Better platform for business growth : While your service provider takes care of your infrastructure, you can concentrate on the strategic growth of business. This helps in faster growth and better infrastructure management.
  • Automation strategies : The expertise offered enhances the usability of your applications and they can be run anywhere, at any time. The configuration of your various systems, data center management, troubleshooting and other simple IT issues can now be easily tackled by automating them. In the long run, this will help the company to increase its current server market share.
  • Greener enterprise ecosystem : Using cloud solutions helps in cutting down on the space, equipments and power consumption, thus making your business operations more eco-friendly. Cloud solutions have minimal requirements and service providers ensure the optimum reuse of the resources. Innovations are being made worldwide to develop greener data centers, which not only save power and space but also deliver high performance virtualization.

Private Cloud Enablement: How to make the perfect choice

By virtualizing and hosting your entire IT system with all of its servers, storage, loadbalancers, firewalls, etc in a remote data center, you get to run private cloud for your SMBs. This makes your IT operations easy, agile, quick and cheap. With data centers scattered around the globe today, and infrastructure being managed through a global network, working across timezones and geographic locations is not a hassle. So how would you choose which one to go for?

Eventually it all boils down to the these two factors :

1. Choosing the right cloud : Measure the exact requisites of your business and get your cloud tailor-made by choosing all the right set of applications. SMBs can choose between technology without affecting budget to deploy the cloud with scalability in mind. As your business grows the solution chosen should be able to complement it.

2. Striking the right balance : With more service providers offering a variety of cloud enablement solutions, the security of your business in these environments should to be assessed before deciding which one to choose. A good service provider follows the ITIL guidelines and draws a proper service level agreement (SLA) and thus follows the globalised standard in cloud solutions. The reliability of a service provider is determined by their performance in the past projects which also ascertains their credibility. This forms the trusting factor between the service provider and the company.

Once these two factors shortlist your options, you have to pick your choice based on your requirements from the existing available options. As of now the leading cloud enablement solution is Applogic by 3Tera (now acquired by CA). But SMBs also have the choice to go for other options like Hexagrid, vmware, etc, in which they can choose those services that they explicitly require.

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