Advantages of Linux Web Hosting

2010-08-31 by Danny Higson

If you guys remember I mentioned the benefits of Windows web hosting in my last article "Windows Web Hosting: Top Reasons to choose this option?" and promised you to write about Linux Web Hosting in next article. Here, I am with my promise of introducing you all with the benefits of Linux web hosting. Please remember that both the hosting types have their own qualities, so it depends on your requirement which one suits you the best. Some hosting requirements may be compatible with windows and some with Linux.

The advantages of hosting your website on Linux Server:

• Cost – Linux is a free open source operating system which is available to anyone. It doesn’t require any licensing fee like other operating systems. By using Linux hosting one can save a huge amount of money that can be used on other tasks. If you have to do scripting in PHP, MySql and Perl then Linux would be the most economical option for your website.

• Support – Linux system is widely used by people. So there is a majority of people that are expert in Linux and they are ready to help you out. You have online forums, social websites and thousands of blogs where you can discuss your problem regarding Linux. Therefore, the support you get from online would be wonderful and you will have several options to resolve it.


• Stability – Linux platform is set up in this way that it runs in separate modules that bend over to one another in a certain pecking order. If any of the modules breaks down it shuts down automatically without tarnishing the run time of the other modules. It’s unlike windows system that reboots the entire system in this condition. This makes Linux hosting more stable.


• Security and reliability – Linux is often treated as a highly secure operating system. Especially the end users don’t need to worry about the security matter of any of the applications and doing anything on the server. The probability of successful hack attack on Linux OS is very low compared to Windows OS.


• Easy conversion from Linux to Windows – It’s very easy to convert a Linux based website into Window based website very smoothly & without any hassles at any time of the day. On the other hand it is very tough if you want to do this from Windows to Linux.

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