Cloud Computing Concerns

2010-07-12by Zetta Grid

Cloud computing is still in its infancy, and many concerns about the service have not been resolved, and some probably have not been thought about. When shopping around for a cloud computing company, you may want to ask about many of the concerns being discussed in the cloud computing community and how that company is planning on handling those issues.

Privacy and security are always a concern when dealing with businesses over the internet. Some camps say that cloud computing needs more security, but others claim that cloud computing companies invest more into security because their reputation relies on it. Either way, be aware that no security measure is 100%, or before buying discuss security measures both current and planned future ones with the company. Be sure that you understand what is being said to you and that it meets your company's needs. Most companies employ some sort of validation process to keep client information private. Be sure that you understand how that can help keep information more secure and that only employees that need to use the information can get to it.

Other questions about cloud computing are more abstract in nature, but can still affect a company. Such as ownership; do you or does the host company own the information on those machines? Can your host keep you from your information for any reason? These questions may seem obvious from your perspective and the host company may feel the same, so ask questions to be sure that your philosophies match up to your expectation of how your host company should behave in specific situations.

Additionally, how is cloud computing going to affect your IT department? Yes, it could lead to the need to lay off IT professionals, but is that wise? You could be giving up needed control to the cloud, so before making any permanent decisions that will affect the flexibility of your company, be sure to explore all avenues. That IT professional could cost you pennies today, but end up saving you dollars tomorrow, or the cloud could be your answer as well.

When dealing with cloud computing, there are no easy answers and all of them are going to depend upon your organization and how it works today and where your vision is leading it. In spite of the many concerns that cloud computing can raise, it is still a viable alternative to investing into a completely overhauled network.

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