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2010-04-29by Santosh Shrivastava

Domain name appraisal is a mechanism set to evaluate the real worth of a domain during domain selling or buying process. Appraisers observe numerous considerations while evaluating the domain and performing expected cost analysis.

Selling and purchasing quality Domain Name are a round the clock activity, what internet industry is rightly doing. A seller, whatever the valuation of his domain name in the market, quotes the higher price bid for the same and in contrary a buyer desires to pay less for the domain he wants to have. It's becoming the foremost issue for both buyer and seller is to fix a deal upon the agreed price.

The problem arises due to absence of a standard process to evaluate the cost of a particular domain. To rationalize the process of domain costing and making both seller and buyer agree on a fair or negotiated price, domain name appraisal mechanism has introduced in the internet market. Needless to say that business of appraising domains and evaluating their selling or reselling value is getting bigger day by day.

Key facts about the Domain Name Appraisal:

With a well analyzed domain appraisal, owner simply gets an idea about the real worth of the domain. The process of appraising a domain name is entirely speculative and based on several factors including the brand recognition it enjoys, marketability it has and traffic it pulls. Process of appraisal puts the core focus on actual selling points that a domain carries along the name. Various factors and considerations like domain name, business segment and domain name extension are being addressed during the appraisal process.

How it evaluates the domain name

Like other evaluation systems, it also primarily spotlights on the core characteristics of the object being valued. In this case, a domain is the entity being evaluated. In a nutshell, a number of factors are measured to obtain the final worth of the domain you have registered. These factors analyzes whether the domain name:

Has marketability among competitorsHas brand value that sells
Is easily memorable by the usersIs short and easy to spell

If you have a domain name to buy or sell, it's worthy to get domain name appraisal done for the same. Since the entire process of appraisal is tentative in nature, two consecutive evaluations for the domain name may differ in final costing. Finally it's very necessary to understand that a domain name appraisal is completely different from the site appraisal therefore the visitor traffic and revenue generation from the site couldn't be the decisive factors for the domain name appraisal.

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