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2008 Best Cloud Service Provider

Best Cloud Computing Providers Awards show those companies that offer outstanding performance and value for cloud computing servers. Deploy and scale effortlessly in the abstracted global computing cloud. Included in the reviewing process are the price, technology, reliabilty and overall performance of the hosting company.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the cloud”.


Mosso was started to provide developers with a reliable platform for applications and email--without developers being the ones responsible for all the technology.

Hostway is the first major Web hosting company to roll out a cloud computing infrastructure for shared Web hosting customers, delivering unprecedented scalability, flexibility and reliability using innovative, affordable technology solutions.


GoGrid Cloud Servers support a variety of Linux and Windows operating systems with preinstalled software, such as IIS, Apache, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. Our Server images allow you to quickly deploy a single server or build a load balanced server network in just a few clicks without having to spend time installing software.

AppLogic, the industry's only cloud computing platform, enables infrastructure solutions that adapt to changing needs at the speed of business. Now using AppLogic, IT professionals can: deploy online applications in minutes instead of weeks, scale on demand and deliver security and business continuity for all applications, be in full control of their cloud environment.

Google Compute Engine offers scalable and flexible virtual machine computing capabilities in the cloud. With Google Compute Engine, you can solve large scale processing and analytic problems on Google’s computing, storage, and networking infrastructure.


Sync, share, and access the information you care about—wherever you happen to be.

Jungle Disk lets you store files and automatically backup data easily and securely. Jungle Disk has a great automatic backup system, and can easily be used for basic data backup, but Jungle Disk also gives you a complete network drive that you can use from multiple machines - like an unlimited size USB drive that you can connect to from anywhere. The exclusive caching features in Jungle Disk make it so that using your network drive is as fast as a local drive, and you don't need to constantly transfer data from the server.


Drag-and-drop cloud hosting. Have a JAVA, RAILS, or PHP application that you would like load-balanced in a high-availability cloud. Register for your
FREE account to find out how easy it is.


The Etelos Platform Suite is a comprehensive solution for enterprises to publish and distribute Web-based applications and services for businesses, organizations and users. It is made up of four platforms available as individual solutions or as an integrated suite.