The Third HostReview Best of the Year Awards

HostReview is now ten years old, and during this time the people behind the website have always strived to make it a useful resource for both web hosting customers and service providers. This year we are honored to once again present the Annual Web Hosting Awards, which distinguish the best web hosting companies of 2008. To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are presenting ten awards.


The Winners Competed in Nine Categories

Best Web Hosting Company
Best Dedicated Server Package
Best Managed Hosting Service

Best Budget Hosting

Best Reseller Hosting

SaaS Provider


Best Cloud Computing Service

Readers' Choice Award


Web Host of the Decade

For the period 1998-2009, which covers both the existence of HostReview and the mainstream worldwide web, there are a few select companies that define web hosting--the industry which essentially powers the web. These companies are the driving force behind innovation and reliability standards in web hosting.

Based on our decade-long service to the industry, we are honored to present the companies we consider to be the Web Hosts of the Decade.



Founded in 1998, HostWay is currently one of the biggest global web hosting providers, with over 600,000 customers worldwide and offices on four continents. A major investor in internet infrastructure and with a customer service to match, HostWay is our first choice for a Web Host of the Decade. Their line of products covers a wide range of hosting services, and with the launch of the FlexCloud cloud computing platform, the company proves it is looking ahead and investing into the future.

They symbolize the commitment of web hosts to provide the fiber, iron, and effort, which power the online experience, and enable the further development of the web.


Founded in 1996 as a consolidation of over 200 smaller ISPs, today Verio is a large company which offers economies of scale and a company culture of excellence to its customers. Verio's dynamic corporate history has seen acquisitions and shifts of focus, but the company's dedication to quality service has remained a constant.

The Planet

The Planet is the largest privately-held dedicated server company, with 155,000 square feet of data center space and a solid track record of customer satisfaction. Since 1998, the company has kept its technological edge and attention to the needs of the clients, and today it reliably hosts millions of websites.


Rackspace is a leader in IT hosting, and a premium managed hosting brand. Their reputation for professionalism, technical expertise, and "Fanatical Support" is well deserved. The company has expanded its product line with recent acquisitions and the launch of the Mosso cloud computing platform.


Web host and established domain registrar GoDaddy serves a different market sector that the previous companies, and cultivates a distinctly different image, with their unusual brand and sponsorship for IndyCar racer Danica Patrick. Nevertheless, GoDaddy is our fifth Web Host of the Decade, because of their eleven year history, popular appeal, and for being one of the first companies to persuade you that the web is for everyone.


The Annual Web Hosting Awards

The annual Top 10 listings present the companies that made a mark in the previous year. The winners were at the forefront of technological innovation and exemplary customer service. They are also the companies to keep an eye on in 2009, as they are the best providers to solutions for your web hosting needs.

The categories for the annual awards are updated every year, in order to reflect the changing technological and business landscape. Virtualization and cloud computing are transforming the industry, and the current Annual Awards take this fact into consideration by presenting the best VPS and Cloud Computing providers of 2008.

For the first time, HostReview is presenting a Readers' Choice Award, which is decided entirely by our readers. During the month-long voting phase, thousands of HostReview's visitors cast their votes for their favorite web hosting companies. This award is independent of the judgment of the editorial team, and represents the ability of a hosting company to earn and mobilize online the support of its clients.

In the ordering of the other award listings, we have taken into account a number of factors, including service quality, customer support, package diversity, new products, and overall performance.