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2005 Best Dedicated Server

The Best Dedicated Server Package awards show those companies that offer outstanding performance and value for dedicated servers.Included in the reviewing process are the prices, technology, reliabilty and overall performance of the hosting company.

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At EV1 Servers believe that the reliability of the technology platform is essential to their ability to offer low prices and fast service.


At Velcom understand what the needs are in today's ever evolving Internet. The company relieves this time consuming burden by placing the customer in secure fiber-optic facility.


At Media 3 specialize in providing fast, reliable webhosting and cutting edge development tools for businesses.

InMotion Hosting's affordable V-Dedicated Hosting plans offer the power of a dedicated server without complex and difficult administration. Their web hosting network is based on the fast and reliable Linux and Unix operating systems.

The Windows Server family takes the best of Windows2000 Server technology. Windows dedicated servers, running Windows 2003 Server, are especially designed with corporate Windows users in mind.

Founded in 1998, Internet Empower provides Web hosting services to enterprises of all sizes. We supply all the servers, software, bandwidth and management needed to run almost any hosted application - from Internet to enterprise.

Cyberax Tech's hosting is extremely reliable services and support have earned us the reputation of the premiere provider of Web hosting solutions among thousands of customers, allowing us to maintain an outstanding Customer Retention Rate - one of the highest in the industry.

Cheetah Solutions LLC. was founded in early 1999 as a local web design company. The company quickly made the transition to Web Hosting.

DedicatedCentral was created to address a clear market need: Provide premium, enterprise grade managed hosting products and services focused on optimizing computing resources, security and cost, with no sacrifice to overall quality or customer experience.

Colo-Cation.com is able to bring in equipment to meet your requirements and custom engineer solutions Multiple carriers (Cable and Wireless, Sprint, UUnet, Genuity, AT&T, Qwest, Level3, Global Crossing, Cogent) Performance Optimization.