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AV-Test.org Rates Comodo Internet Security Software 100%
00:56:45 - 05 August 2013

Comodo Internet Security Software Earns 100% Protection Rating from AV-Test= .org

Latest results show Comodo is once again the only free antivirus to get per= fect score for protection.

Clifton, NJ, - Comodo, a leading Certificate Authority and I= nternet security organization, today announced that their Comodo Internet S= ecurity Premium (CIS) software was the only free product to receive a 100% = protection rating in recent security tests. Comodo's software also showed m= arked improvements in the 'Performance' and 'Usability' categories over sim= ilar tests run in April/May by the same organization.

The tests, carried out by software testing firm AV-Test.org, ran through Ma= y and June 2013 and continuously evaluated 26 home user security products o= n the Windows 7 operating system. Each product was tested using its default=  settings and AV-Test.org used the most current, publicly-available version=  of each product. All products were allowed to update themselves at any tim= e and had to demonstrate their capabilities using all components and protec= tion layers. Tests focused on realistic scenarios and challenged the produc= ts against real-world threats.

AV-Test.org's 'Protection' category is broken down into two areas =96 prote= ction against unknown or 'zero-day' malware and protection against prevalen= t malware that was discovered in the past 4 weeks. The average score for th= ese two areas across the entire industry is 92% and 98% respectively. While=

 5 security suites surpassed these averages and achieved 100% in both categ= ories, Comodo's was the only product that is free to the end-user.

"Comodo Internet Security has always prioritized protection because our use= rs demand nothing less than a perfect score," said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Como= do CEO and Chief Security Architect, "but what's especially pleasing about = these results is the real progress we've made in the other key metrics of '= Performance' and 'Usability'. We're happy to prove once again that a free p= roduct can offer equivalent or better security than any paid software. For = that, I'd like to thank everybody in the CIS development and QA teams for t= heir tireless dedication and our great community over at the Comodo forums = for their invaluable feedback and insight."

Comodo Internet Security Premium creates a highly protective shield against=  viruses and malware through its innovative 'Default Deny Protection=99' sy= stem. The software uses a combination of firewall, antivirus, host intrusio= n prevention, automatic sandboxing and behavior analysis technologies to qu= ickly and accurately identify safe, unsafe and questionable files. While th= e core CIS software is identical across all versions, the paid versions are=  differentiated with additional services such as live support, online stora= ge and encryption of Wi-Fi connections at public hotspots. The free CIS Pre= mium has also consistently topped the rolling 'Proactive Security Challenge= ' run by testing organization Matousec.

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