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Bluetie Selects Cloudmark Gateway To Protect 1.6 Million Mailboxes For Best-In-Class Business Email
03:45:29 - 12 March 2010

Email Hosting Leader Boosts Message Filtering Speed and Accurac

San Francisco—Cloudmark, Inc., the global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, today announced that BlueTie, Inc., a leading provider of hosted email and collaboration services, has selected Cloudmark to protect its 1.6 million users from spam, phishing and viruses. By using Cloudmark Gateway, a high-performance edge mail transfer agent (MTA), in conjunction with Cloudmark Authority, BlueTie will now provide its hosted email customers with the industry’s fastest, most flexible and most accurate messaging anti-abuse solution.


BlueTie provides a full-featured and affordable alternative to Microsoft® Exchange for small-to mid-sized businesses through its cloud-based email and collaboration suite. In its continued efforts to provide customers with the optimum business email experience, BlueTie identified that its current solution for messaging security was capital and resource-intensive, requiring 140 servers to process inbound mail and creating latency in delivering messages to customers. BlueTie also sought a more accurate solution for detecting and eliminating threats to minimize the risk of spam, phishing and viruses reaching user inboxes. BlueTie selected Cloudmark to provide more effective and efficient protection for its users.


“Our customers rely on us to provide the critical email and collaboration capabilities that drive their businesses, and message processing delays or high volumes of spam are not an option,” said Jeffrey Lambert, chief technology officer at BlueTie. “Cloudmark distinguished itself by offering messaging security protection that was fast, accurate, efficient and scalable for our millions of customers. Cloudmark’s solutions have enabled BlueTie to increase customer satisfaction by reducing spam and delivering messages faster, while also lowering our hardware and operational costs.”


As a high-performance MTA, Cloudmark Gateway with Cloudmark Authority stops abusive email traffic at the perimeter of the hosted environment, dramatically reducing the impact on BlueTie’s messaging infrastructure and enabling the company to decrease the number of servers it requires for messaging security by up to 80 percent.


Since adopting Cloudmark’s solutions, BlueTie is also now able to deliver email messages faster while also reducing the volume of spam, phishing and viruses to user inboxes—with 98 percent scanning accuracy and 10 times the throughput of other messaging security solutions. As a result of its Cloudmark deployment, BlueTie has experienced a significant reduction in on-call paging for customer support, which has enabled the hosting provider to free up administrative resources and decrease operational expenses.


 “Leading hosted business email providers like BlueTie recognize secure, efficient messaging as a key differentiator in the marketplace and a necessity for the customers who rely on them as an integral component of their operations,” said Jamie de Guerre, chief technology officer at Cloudmark. “With Cloudmark Gateway, together with Cloudmark Authority, hosted messaging providers benefit from fast, accurate messaging security that significantly reduces infrastructure needs and improves the quality of service offered to customers.”


About BlueTie

BlueTie is an award-winning hosting company providing service internationally to businesses of all sizes. Founded by David Koretz in 1999, BlueTie provides growing businesses with the business tools to streamline user workflow. BlueTie provides fast, inexpensive and reliable applications through the use of the flagship Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration suite, which includes: email, calendaring and sharing capabilities. For more information visit www.bluetie.com. 


About Cloudmark

Cloudmark, Inc. is a global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, delivering the industry’s fastest, most accurate and comprehensive real-time spam, virus and phishing protection for fixed, mobile and social networks. The Cloudmark suite of security solutions simplifies and advances the management of messaging abuse, increasing network utilization and reducing infrastructure costs. Cloudmark’s patented solutions combine Advanced Message Fingerprinting technology based on innovative, highly efficient algorithms, a Global Threat Network consisting of trusted reporters across the globe, real-time, automated analysis of traffic and content patterns, along with security research expertise, to provide real-time security intelligence and filtering across carrier networks. Cloudmark solutions protect more than one billion subscribers for the world’s largest carrier networks, including over 75 percent of all major service providers in the United States and Japan. Cloudmark’s customers include Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications, EarthLink, NEC Biglobe, NTT OCN, Swisscom, Tele2, Thus, and XS4ALL (KPN) as well as leading hosting providers and global social networking companies such as MySpace. Cloudmark is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. For more information, visit http://www.cloudmark.com


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