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How To Build An Excellent Website
2017-04-18 by  Editor


When it comes to building a digital business strategy, there is a large list of factors that you will need to work through. Usually, this starts with selecting the best web host which can take time to deliberate. However, there isn’t really a right or wrong option when choosing  a host as everyone has their own specific requirements. Therefore, if you need huge amounts of storage, you need to factor that into your decision, or if you want to use WordPress for your content management, this would be a key element of your decision-making process.


Once you have decided on which host is best for you, there is still a huge amount of work to be done. You may have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ being used to describe digital marketing priorities, and this is because having high-quality content is a big factor in the effectiveness of any website. Using the most appropriate format to display content is also highly important.


For example, video is a popular choice for digital marketers to showcase products and services. As well as being highly engaging, video can convey a message quickly and succinctly in comparison to large blocks of text that you need to scroll through. So, choosing the right format for your target audience is a key aspect of building an excellent website.


Additionally, understanding your target audience is critical to being able to produce content that is useful to them, and that will attract them to your website. For example, if you have a business that offers decorating services, you could write a blog providing tips on how to hang wallpaper or when to use a certain type of paint, etc.


Even better, you could put a video demonstration of your work ethics and solutions to problems. If you upload a video onto YouTube, people who are in need of decorating can search for your video, and you can advertize your services within the video and in the information that you showcase to your watchers/audience.


Another point to consider is where to position all of the content on your website. There are tried and tested methods that ensure higher conversion rates on websites, and one such example is the visible placement of a call to action button such as ‘Call us now’ which should be placed towards the top of the page for maximum effect.


Easy navigation around a website is also crucial, if visitors can’t find what they are looking for on your website, they are unlikely to spend their valuable time clicking through and scrolling through your pages. They are much more likely to search for another company that has a website that is easier to use.


Driving traffic to your website is also a big priority. One way for people to be directed to your site is through Pay Per Click, where you can pay for an ad to be displayed. Additionally, you can drive people to your website by sending a targeted email campaign to people that you know will be interested in your services or products. By targeting like-minded individuals, you will optimizing your marketing campaigns and ensuring your business is becoming recognized within the appropriate crowds.

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