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Stay On Top With The Latest Cloud Computing Services
2014-08-06 by  Norm William


Keeping up with the latest in business technology solutions is essential to ensure you stay ahead of the game. The latest advancement in IT solutions for Perth businesses are cloud computing services. These services allow your business to operate faster, efficiently, with greater flexibility of storage and resources, and from any device or location. And all you need is an internet connection.

Cloud computing services operate from an offsite server which allows users access via an internet connection. Programs, storage, and data are all stored on the cloud which maximises the effectiveness of your operations as the resources are shared.

Flexibility on the cloud:

Multiple users can access the cloud service to retrieve data without you having to purchase more hardware or licenses. This provides a more economical option for small to medium businesses looking to save money. It also means that your business can access programs and applications as quickly as your business demands rather than waiting for the programs to be purchased and installed on each device.

Multiple users can also access the same documents on the cloud simultaneously, increasing productivity. Employees won't need to wait for their workmate to save and close a document before completing their part if they are working together on a project.

Your employees or cloud users can also access the cloud software from anywhere regardless of which device they are using. The core of the cloud network is typically offsite and provided by a third party such as an IT solutions company in Perth, therefore access is via internet from any location. By utilising a cloud you will not need to worry about limits for your storage or peak usage times as this is located off-site and via a network.

Cloud service maintenance:

Using a cloud computing service system can in most cases save your business money on IT maintenance. Your servers are maintained by the IT services provider so as to ensure nothing goes wrong and minimise downtime before anything happens. Most businesses with servers onsite find they call the IT company only when something goes wrong, and this is often too late.
By backing up this service with managed IT solutions in Perth you will ensure that you have a fast and reliable resource to call upon if you need to update your business IT needs. IT support in Perth can access your cloud from anywhere and anytime, providing help as soon as you need it remotely. No waiting for someone to come out to you.

A secure computing service:

If you are concerned about the security of your data on a cloud network - don't be. As your data is centralised there is an increase of focus on the security of this data. Leaving your data on each and every computer in the office separately actually increases the security if one of these is breached, rather than everything being stored in one safe place off-site. Your business IT cloud provider will have a very high-security system, which is likely to be something which a small to medium business cannot afford to obtain to secure their data on their individual computers anyway. Using a cloud based computing service is the way to go in the future, businesses in Perth are moving away from traditional methods of data storage and network usage, to a much more streamlined and manageable system that can be adapted and tailored to any type of business.

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