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Cloud Security Measures Increasingly Necessary For Enterprises
2014-07-18 by  Adam Chriss


Cloud computing is a revolutionary milestone in technology and business alike in the enterprise and consumer sector. Cloud computing also enables consumers all over the world with easy access and free gigabytes - capabilities that were expensive and hard to access before. Despite the seemingly ever-present dependence on the cloud, many consumers and enterprises remain in the dark about cloud security, and the many risks and threats to the utility-filled cloud.

Despite the many risks of the cloud, many businesses use tens of cloud services to aid in business and engineering processes. Many times, the cloud is coming in contact with files containing highly sensitive and confidential information, such as social security numbers, financial statistics, and other data. Thus, its important companies guard such information with the highest measure of security. Cloud services should strengthen passwords; enable encryption, data loss prevention and other security measures. Conversely, enterprises and consumers alike should thoroughly evaluate the security procedures their cloud services take. According to Silverpine analyst Rob Bird, When dealing with cloud security, there is absolutely no way to estimate risks without thoroughly exploring cloud monitoring programs.

Unfortunately it is been found that small amounts of people actually go ahead and scrutinize their Cloud Security. According to a recent study titled Security of Cloud Computing users study, it was found that only 50% of those surveyed examined the cloud security features of services they use. Furthermore, it was discovered that 50% users surveyed also deem themselves completely confident in the security of their cloud services

Nowadays, as modern information technology operations slowly drift towards cloud-based services, architectures & processes, Cloud Security is becoming an ever-crucial area. Its important to note that nowadays hackers are targeting cloud service providers. Therefore, its crucial that information technology operations teams remain vigilant, in detecting & reporting suspiciously dangerous activity. By following this method, information technology teams can successfully detect dangerous anomalies and avert any potential harm to the company.

Information technology teams nowadays should employ revolutionary cloud monitoring tools that allow complete visibility and enablement into the cloud, showing activity events of the network. Enabling real time Cloud Security event monitoring company wide is one of the largest security breakthroughs of the decade. It is particularly useful when monitoring actions in the cloud. Therefore, it is important for chief information officers and information technology teams to be vigilant and able to detect data leaks and breaches, and push them to a halt. Therefore, an end-to-end cloud operations monitoring tool can be extremely useful as a cloud security tool in a companys security arsenal.

In summary, As web and mobile applications and their respective data sets are ubiquitous through small businesses and large enterprises, the Cloud Security risk remains high and continues to rise for organizations globally. Thus, organizations should be wise and responsible about increasing their cloud defenses to prevent data leaks or breaches, and coordinate with their information technology team to maintain the correct security measures in order to keep highly confidential company data safe at bay and secure in the cloud.

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