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Why UK Businesses Are Struggling To Keep With EU Data Protection Regulations
2014-06-12 by  Tony O Hare

How do the new regulations protect UK Citizens

Many UK businesses are unprepared for next year’s changes for EU data protection laws, according to a survey. Out of 850 IT experts, 250 UK respondents in survey conducted by Micro Trend said they were unaware of the impending EU data protection regulations. Only 10 percent of businesses said that they understood the changes that they needed to make in order to be compliant with the new regulations. Why are so many UK business respondents caught off-guard. About 87 percent of German respondents are aware of the EU data protection regulations and understood the consequences for not abiding by the regulations.

Why is it so difficult for UK businesses that are trying to ensure data is protected? At least 55 percent of businesses said the new regulations would be a challenge to adhere to and 25 percent said that they thought abiding by the regulations would not really be possible. Now with our Hard Drive Recovery Service in UK sudden data loss for any company will be no problem as we deliver the bestest & fastest services across.

How do the new regulations protect UK Citizens?

The regulations allow British citizens the right to have their data forgotten. This means unless there is a compelling to keep a citizen’s data, the data must be erased and cannot be kept. Other components in the regulations make it easier for citizens to access their own data.

What if a company violates these UK regulations that are designed to protect British citizens? UK companies can be fined £83 million for violating these regulations or 5 percent of the non-compliant business’s profits, whichever is greater.

What businesses can do to Prepare

Many UK business experts simply do not understand the EU data protection regulations. However, by studying the regulations and taking steps to ensure compliance, UK businesses can avoid huge fines and gain the trust of UK citizens. New legislation can help businesses as well. Instead of having to deal with multiple authorities, a UK business just has one authority to deal with and it isn’t in different states. In the process of trying to adhere to regulations, UK companies may lose some important data for operations; however, even if businesses do lose data needed to comply with EU data protection laws, a data recovery company can help to recover files.

In order to ensure that these regulations are followed, 57 percent of businesses heads said that employee training is needed. This takes the cooperation for everyone from the president to the receptionist. Another 51 percent of businesses were going to invest in IT security. Every business needs to prepare and even if they process data, they should take all the steps to adhere with regulations.

What if businesses have accidental data loss that keeps them from adhering with regulations? At Nottingham Data Recovery, we even offer Memory Card Recovery to recover lost data from memory sticks and along with, we also offer SD Card Data Recovery, it is used to recover data from camera cards. This can help businesses of all sizes and individuals, in addition we recover data lost from hackers or accidental erasure. To see how we can help you, visit us at: www.nottinghamdatarecovery.co.uk

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Tony O Hare

Tony O Hare

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