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Issues Associated With Uptime DNS
2014-06-05 by  Tom Steven


You must be aware of the significance of DNS, but you must not be conscious about the issues of DNS uptime which is usually a topic that we ignore unless something wrong takes place with our website. When you create your website, you mainly focus on the appearance of the website like how it looks, what color combinations with go according to your theme and many other things.

Another thing you will consider significant is the content of the website and SEO rankings. Downtime, it is a trouble about which you should gain some knowledge before it takes place inevitably. You need to ask yourself what are the things that you can do to make certain that your website goes through minimal website downtime. You should have answer of the question that whether or not your website is able handle a great number of traffic. You must know how to handle the things when there are configuration errors or natural disasters result in downtown.

This will come under manage DNS services where you have to follow the three measures which will present your website from being vulnerable to downtown.

1. Whether you are managing your DNS on the inside, you must be having a shared hosting plan or have utilized enthusiastic hosting services; you require having a backup hosting provider in place. If, due to some reason, your chief host goes down, a secondary hosting supplier will facilitate you to redirect the traffic to a working version of your website. You are required to make certain that your website settings are intended for IP address of the backup host during the website outage.

2. If your website monitoring service does not have quality, then you will be at high risk of being the last come to know that your website has gone down. It is absolutely impracticable to keep an eye on your website uptime around the clock and seven days in a week. This is the reason why quality website supervision service will be in touch with you through text message or phone call ensuring that you are responsive of the outage. You don’t need to wait until you are up.

3. Are you aware of the fact that what you have to do if your website goes down? Have you ever thought that what will happen if your website monitor contacts you at 2 O’ Clock in the morning and informing you about website outage? Notification of the outage is not at all good, if you don’t have failover support in place. During this condition, your website can be diverted to another IP address. When your website will start running, then it will be diverted back to the primary host. By making certain about failover support, you guarantee that your customers are not affected when your primary host goes down.

Find out the right service provider who can really help you in thing by guiding you or taking the responsibility of manage DNS. They will charge reasonable amount for this assistance.

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Tom Steven

The DNS services is a standard technology to manage the names of the websites. Many of you must be aware about the importance of its services. However, along with its significance, this article in addition clears the related issues that are liable to occur in its downtime. DNS services should be managed before hand to avoid run-time problems. This can be achieved with right assistance and experienced service providers that can benefit you in long run.

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