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Companies Moving Cloud Computing Technology
2014-06-04 by  marty ron


Cloud computing has a lot of features and is used widely among small to large scale companies. But does it really make it beneficial to companies? Let us find out in this write-up.

Cloud computing is evolving rapidly, with companies be it small or big, all are willing to adapt to this not so new technology. Companies all over the world had their apprehensions migrating to a cloud, because of concerns regarding security and integrity of data. But now, companies are moving to the cloud and experts believe that this trend will continue to grow further and companies will use this technology as the standalone technology in the coming years. The reason behind its rapid growth is the benefits it has to offer and the number of companies around the world have migrated to cloud. Its usage provides a lot of stability and saves a lot of time and money. Neither does it only save money it allows for greater ROI.

While benefits of cloud computing are many and that is the main reason every big or small company is adopting it. Here are some major reasons to migrate to the cloud:

    • Very productive

Cloud computing is probably the best cost efficient method to store data; also it is easy to maintain and easy to upgrade later on if you feel so. As cloud allows pay as you method of up gradation. The hardware and servers that the companies use, costs a fortune, adding up the additional cost of licensing the softwares that run these servers. Cloud on the other hand is less expensive and lowers the companyâEUR(TM)s revenue spent on costly hardware. Without a doubt cloud is very reasonable and cost effective.

    • Backup made easy

As all the data you have stored in cloud, backing up and restoring your data is a piece of cake. It is much easier than doing the same on a hard drive in your computer, the hard disk might crash or may get crashed, and that will result in loss of your precious data. Most cloud servers are capable enough to handle the backup and restore processes that make this method easier and more reliable than other forms of data storage.

    • You can store all you want

You can store your documents and information in the cloud as much as you like, as there is unlimited storage capacity in the cloud server. You do not have to worry about free space in your computer to store the data; you can easily store it in cloud.

    • You can easily access data

Once you have an account on cloud, with the help of internet you can access that data from anywhere you feel like. Suppose you made a presentation at home and want to show them to people in the office you can access that file and show it to your colleagues in office, no need to carry the data on your pen drive or other storage device. This feature of cloud computing is the most important and makes it a unique technology.

Do these things make Cloud computing beneficial? I think so, with so many benefits it is the best method of storing, backing up and restoring data and not to forget its costs and benefits.

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