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The Significance Of Data Storage On Cloud
2014-05-20 by  Steve Jen


Cloud storage refers to the storing of business data on virtual servers which are typically hosted by a third party. The popularity of cloud computing has grown exponentially over the last decade as more and more business are dismissing hard drives and external storage options and using the cloud for data storage.

Listed below are the several reasons why businesses are turning towards cloud for data storage:

Cost Savings

Cloud storage helps businesses save money in more than one ways. Firstly, it eliminates the need to invest in storage infrastructure like hard disks and servers. As data is stored on virtual servers, businesses do not need to hire technical staff to maintain and operate the storage infrastructure. The cost of cloud storage depends on the plan that businesses opt for, based on their requirement and data needs.


Businesses agree that cloud computing implies high security protocols which keeps their data protected from unauthorized access and modification. Private clouds used by businesses allow for an even more secure environment for data that requires strict privacy.

Furthermore, there is no risk of data being lost or damaged on cloud storage. Laptops and hard disks can crash, get lost or damaged but cloud services ensure data safety in all circumstances.

More Focused IT Staff

Large businesses that have huge amounts of data to be stored would need a dedicated IT staff to maintain and operate the infrastructure for data storage. However, with cloud management, the need for IT technicians to monitor infrastructure is reduced, allowing them to focus on core tasks.


If a business needs more or less storage space, it can conveniently purchase it from the cloud services provider without having to purchase or sell any data storage equipment. It is then up to the cloud provider to setup the additional space and handle the maintenance.

Remote Access and Synchronization

Data stored on cloud can be accessed from any location with a reliable internet connection. This allows employees to work from remote locations and sync their work on cloud using shared apps such that it appears they are working from the main office room. Cloud services also allow synchronization of data across several devices - any application or software updated on one device will automatically update on other linked devices.

Disaster Recovery

Data stored on cloud server is already protected from any theft or damage. In the event of a data disaster, the cloud provider has the means to recover all data stored on cloud.

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