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What Is The Buzz About Cloud Hosting?


When it comes to the hosting of data or information of a sensitive nature, many prefer to go with online hosting. These are, most of the time, easy to implement, easy to access, and easy to determine who can access this data once stored. There are still external of course, where you can store all your paper, but should something happen to the premises, a fire for example, you have lost everything and if you have backed it up online, why bother to pay for external hosting?

An online hosting solution comes courtesy of third parties. Sure, you can keep your own copies, but as huge amounts of stored data will compromise the performance of your computer, you are more likely to store them on a removable device such as a flashdrive or disc. The problem here is finding something in a hurry, whereas if you are using a third party for your data hosting you will have instant access to all your stuff.

Cloud hosting has been buzz word in this area in recent years and is said to be today's ultimate hosting solution to take us into the future. Cloud is effectively a network of virtual hosting facilities managed and hosted by a third party. These companies operate huge data centres and those requiring their data to be hosted will rent or buy hosting from them. There is a whole host of benefits which come from using cloud hosting, the first and foremost being security as these clouds are not the same as the ordinary internet and cannot be hacked in the same way.

Online hosting services are incredibly easy to find these days but like you would with anything else some homework is recommended to ensure you choose a reputable company. This can be done through review sites or even word of mouth. You can store practically an infinite amount of files with a hosting site, and one company estimated that if all the files they had stored were in paper format they would need around 50 hosting containers.

When you have your files and data stored online you are in complete control of who can view them, even to go as far as setting the passwords and security questions. This is invaluable in today's world were so many businesses have offices in the four corners of the globe. Imagine if you were in the London office and employee in New York needed a certain file. With normal hosting you would have to physically retrieve the file then scan it and send it. With online hosting the New York office will have the log in details and can access the file themselves.

Prices of online hosting vary from company to company, and there are even those which are free of charge. What you need to bear in mind that while these are perfectly adequate for individuals or one man companies, larger businesses who carry a lot of sensitive information are best off looking for a reputable host. Even if it costs you cannot put a price on keeping this information private, and the hefty fines that come from breaking the data protection act will cost you even more in the long run.

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