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Publics And Publicity Media In Hosting Industry
2014-05-08 by  Manish Kumar

People whose opinion has direct bearing on the functioning of a company are its publics. How would you recognize them on Internet?They are employees, shareholders, affiliates, bloggers and their customers. We can consider publics of a hosting industry more or less similar in nature. Hosting companies do acquire various media to reach their publics. As Hosting business in online, most of the media channels are online, although companies do use newspapers, radio, TV and interpersonal and traditional media. All companies do want to make their communication effective.

Review of Publicity Media in regards to Hosting companies

Press :

One of the most effective tool with maximum impact which could be used to disseminate information to publics. But in the case of Hosting companies, publics are not localized. They exists in cross-national boundaries. Limitation of circulation is there in the case. Subscribers of specailized magazines catering to this Hosting professional group is although growing very fast. Magazines like pcmag, linuxworld, computerworld, infoworld, pcquest etc. is read all round the world. Technology magazines are attractive in appearance, livelier, glossier and interpretative in content. Most of the subscribers are periodical readers, they keep these magazines for their reference for a longer life span.Although very few hosting companies choose Press to disseminate information about their activities, policies and plans but whatever is publicized in press must be newsworthy and timely.

Press Releases :

Online news web portals like typepad, PR, PRWEB, johnchow, citizenjournal, digitaljournal are common type of publicity organizations. Most of the Hosting companies use them for planned activitity. It is the content provided by the comapanies itself, which from these news portals is picked by various websites. Most of the companies treat them as a best source of SEO activity.

Editorials :

Hosting companies do look for featured articles to fulfill their objectives, which talk about hosting requirements and suggest their plan as the solution. Technical content writers having sufficient persuasive skills recommend subjects for editorials with suggestive lines of approach. Most of online editorials look for good original researched based content.

Letters to Editors :

Letters with forceful point get published, most of times, letter to editor is feedback from public.

Television :

Impact of television is persuasive, worldwide and powerful, most of the hosting companies are now giving piad commercial advertisements e.g godaddy.

Radio :

Fliexible and mobile medium of information dissemination, is now used by most of the hosting companies for advertising their plans.


For training, educating consumers, build motivation or show achievements of company vidoe films are being used.

New Technologies :

Use of sophisticated technoliges like e-mail, facsimile, teleconferencing are being used for exchange of information. Hosting companies do rely on review and rating companies like Ananova.com, SiteGeek.com which have immense potential to disseminate information and to take feedback.
Apart from these, companies do organize conferences and meetings in which their staff members give speeches as keynote speakers.
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