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The Best Time To Shift From Shared Hosting To VPS


If you visit many forums today, one very common question is the right time for a business to shift from a shared hosting provider to a managed VPS hosting. That means many webmasters have a problem knowing the correct time to shift from the crowd and be on their own. It is vital to know that the best hosting solution for big, medium and small companies there is closely linked to the need for a VPS provider who will give you quality for your money. Remember, for these services you will need to cough a few bucks every month. There are many reasons why a user may need to shift from a shared hosting to an individual one and the following are just a few.

1. When there is an influx of visitors.
Immediately you begin to receive hundreds of visits per day, then it is your time to shift. Usually, when you begin to receive many visits to your website, performance will go down, although your vendor may promise you efficiency. They will tell you that you have unlimited bandwidth even when what you have is not enough. In a way they are not wrong because you are sharing the resources with other websites- some of which operate corporate email address. All these problems end when you opt for a VPS in which case you are alone on the server and that means you enjoy unlimited, available and dedicated hardware resources. If at the moment you have a website which you foresee that in the near future, it will be busy, be practical and shift to VPS now and not later when there is an influx of traffic and you have lost a few followers.

2. If you have an eCommerce site.
Any eCommerce site should not share resources, but run on a VPS. The main reasons why it is not wise for online shops to share hosting is security, speed, support, uptime and reliability. Any person doing online business agrees that their top priority is their shop's reputation. This is something they need to guard jealously. If you are interested in numbers, the cost of windows VPS server is quite affordable- $25 or less a month depending on what space you need.

3. If uptime is a priority to you.
The day you get tired of getting 90-95% uptime of your shared server you will appreciate VPS. Usually on a VPS the uptime is 99.9% and every business person should have this as their goal.

4. If you are running Wordpress.
It is true that Wordpress is able to perform wonderfully on a shared server. However, there are numerous benefits associated with running Wordpress on a VPS.

5. For enhanced security and performance.
The most vital benefits of using any type of VPS including SSD VPS is that a VPS is usually perfect for solving business problems. Businesses who need to scale out with ease whenever the need arises or require quick responses when they raise any support requests will appreciate VPS services. To add to that, it is common knowledge that

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