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Why You Need Disaster Backup For Your Enterprise
2014-04-01 by  Morgan Upton


Often, instances occur that result in loss of your very important data. Such losses could lead to loss of profits as well as customers especially when the data is sensitive or contains details about them. A company may also end up collapsing as a result of data loss that it uses to conduct its daily business operations. It is therefore such problems that make it necessary to have a disaster backup plan/ system that ensures data can be retrieved even after its loss. Sepaton is one reliable backup vendor offering these services. The benefits of using Sepaton’s disaster backup services include:

High speed of service delivery

Sepaton’s backup and recovery solution is the fastest for any enterprise worldwide. Sepaton S2100-ES3 works very first where data is replicated from remote offices over a WAN to the main data center as well as across a wide geography to a Delta Remote site. Sepaton integrates high performance with efficient bandwidth replication and data deduplication allowing you to attain aggressive recovery time and point objectives. It performs backups more frequently and data restoration is done faster keeping the most recently backed up data ready for immediate restoration. This is unlike ordinary systems that hinder backups with inline deduplication.

Adequate space and resizability that cut down on data protection costs

Sepaton provides you with a huge single system space and an easy to resize grid that allows longer retention periods and fast growing data space in a single system. Sepaton’s pay-as-you grow approach to resizing, monitors your capital expenditure by allowing the installation of more disk shelves for more space or new processing nodes for better performance. Great cost reduction is also experienced through automation of time consuming data centre management and maintenance tasks. This enhances remote access to branch office backup system and doing away with the cost associated with the complexity of the system as the data volume grows.

Eliminates human error from the disaster backup recovery equation

Sepaton’s disaster recovery is automated to ensure that the specific data protection policies such as replication, retention and safe erasing are adhered to without intervening manually. As a result, less time is wasted on repetitive manual tasks and the risk of data loss is reduced. Sepaton thus enhances operational efficiencies and reduces/ eliminates human mistakes that may be very costly to the organization.

Improves disaster recovery testing

Even if you frequently test your DR systems in an attempt to predict disaster or meet regulatory requirements, Sepaton makes DR testing quick, simple and accurate.

It is therefore evident that Sepaton’s disaster backup system is important for any organization. It allows quick recovery, retention and replication of data. This saves the company from losses that may arise as a result of data loss. It also ensures continuity of the organization’s operations since recovery of the lost data is an important step in ensuring that the company’s operations are conducted smoothly. Investing in disaster backup system is therefore a worthy investment for any enterprise.

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