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Advantages Of Dedicated Web Hosting


With the decreasing costs of web hosting, more and more people are launching their online ventures, be it a blog or a full-fledged firm, on a daily basis. Hence, scalability, security, resourcefulness, and reliability become the need of the hour.

A dedicated web server makes sure you never fall short of any, as the entire server is allocated to serve you. Moreover, the control of the server also lies in your hand, which facilitates easy decision making with respect to the decisions regarding the back-end.

To put it in simple words, dedicated web hosting is considered to be the finest type of hosting that can be chosen from a variety that is present. Dedicated web hosting enables you to utilize the entire server for yourself. Hence, it enables you to be the boss and use the server as you wish to. Also, a dedicated server facilitates higher traffic flow through the server, as compared to the shared ones.

Although a dedicated server has an edge over the shared one, most people, if their venture is at a small scale, choose to go with a shared one, because of the fact that a shared server costs much less.

The lesser cost is because on a shared server, the resources are shared with the other websites as well, hence the cost gets divided. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages that dedicated web hosting offers:

  1. Reliability: Since on a dedicated server the resources aren’t shared, the reliability increases exponentially. The web pages load comparatively faster for the user. On a shared and VPS server, your website might not even get the permission to utilize the available resources. Hence, reliability is better here.
  2. Security: On a dedicated web server the entire server is for you, and complete authority remains with you. Hence, the chances of data corruption and misuse nullify.

    On the contrary, if your website is hosted on a shared server, the chances of data theft increase, as the authority of the server lies with other persons as well.
  3. Control: With dedicated web hosting you get better control over the server, which is not the scenario when the website is hosted on a shared or VPS server.
  4. Volume: A dedicated web server enables you to cater to larger volumes of traffic, as compared to other web hosting servers present in the market.

    Hence, if your venture has the potential to scale to a bigger scale, a dedicated web server becomes an ideal choice, as the scalability constraint on other types of servers vanishes.
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