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Dedicated Server Management - The New Epoch Of Online Sophistication Is Just Around The Corner


We are not newbie’s in the cyber space and everyone understands the essentiality of websites and their management. However, technological breakthroughs are offering new potentials to gain the immense lead in resolving concerns generated by existing systems. Typically, existing server management systems are restrained by several constraints and dedicated server management is the only resolution to it. Finding the most appropriate dedicated server management solution is intuitive and in fact little challenging. Various types of platforms are available for seamless integration of your e-business into the cyberspace. However, the fidelity of the architecture solely depends upon your requirements and necessities. Some of the prominent considerations are

  • Secure access through encrypted gateways. The feature is very essential for e-commerce websites.
  • Management of data integrity
  • Highest availability and zero downtime
  • Recovery from disasters
  • Protection from Distributed DOS attacks, and other allied threats
  •  Firewalls
  • User friendly control panel
  • Scalability to upgrade or migrate to better configurations
  • Value added services and features to improve usability and user experience
  • Availability of bandwidth and disc size for hindrance-free access

These primitive features create the architecture of the basic requirements; however, today, a lot more is possible.

Why Think Of Something New When Existing Setup is Good?

This is one of the most common thought when upgrade and monetary involvement is considered. Emergence of E-Commerce as the next destination for international markets has created abundant opportunities to grow phenomenally in spite of geographical locations. This freedom has also raised various concerns related to security, sophistication, and fidelity of existing architectures. Dedicated server management, therefore, becomes the next destination necessary for E-commerce portals worldwide. The mechanism of the new avenue is far simpler than imagined; however, it offers seamless benefits than any other existing architecture.

Switching to a new web server is a headache for many due to lack of knowledge, time, and money. However, dedicated management of servers assures a smooth migration interface for all sorts of portals. Some of the preeminent features of the seamless management mechanism are

  • Custom support – The custom support from the management system is always at your service when you need it the most. Typically, abundant functional freedom is available in terms of monitoring, segregating, and upgrading vital components of the system. The concept of the hands-free control offers the management with state of the art dynamism. This feature equally is a bonus for Corporate and individual users. The multidimensional management is easy depending on the level of proficiency and otherwise a completely dedicated account manager is available with many of these service providers to take care of affairs and resolve them on top priority over anything else.
  • Featured availability – Dedicated server management is available with multiple functional layers and it offers a granular control of the management in the desired manner. Choosing from full, partial, and self-management is always intuitive as you customize it to tailor your requirements and style. The client is capable of monitoring server activity along with the status analysis to understand the dynamism and its reciprocations to the website portal.
  • Responsiveness – Dedicated server management assures lightening fast responsiveness in terms of uptime, customer support, and backup. Each of these features is vital to a business. Prominent solutions providers from the industry, even offer replacement of hardware within a couple of hours in case of hardware failure.
  • Networking – The featured aspect of the fully managed dedicated server system is the excellence of networking. Eminent solution providers use optical fiber networks and multi-country servers to provide optimized service in spite of the geographical location of the client. The feature also ensures zero downtime and the resultant peace of mind that your website is always up in the air and delivering.
  • Smooth and hassle-free migration – Hassle-free migration is a unique feature of dedicated management of servers. In fact, the feature offers lightening fast migration from the existing server to the new one. The migration does not even require client intervention assuring a smooth and seamless interface.
  • Costs – Several cost factors require consideration. Some of the most common factors are cost of migration, scalability, downtime, backup, recovery, training, and even decommissioning. Each of these factors matters the most for a smooth functioning of the architecture. Dedicated server management assures a complete package without hidden cost factors and in turn, it offers a complete peace of the mind.
  • Sharing of knowledgebase – Earning knowledge though a rigid process invites pitfalls out of the trial and error method. However, sharing knowledgebase is a vital phase of dedicated management of servers, where client earns an upper hand to resolve problems with the proficiency and expertise of the support team and dedicated account manager. The process offers to reduce the time required to resolve concerns at several layers of interactions.

Governing Rules Is Always Exciting and Rewarding

 Dedicated server management offers to play the game by your own rules and it opens a multidimensional gateway. Consideration of the geographic location of potential customers is vital and locally available server offers speedier results. A server in the United States offers excellent support to US visitors to a website. Therefore, consideration of every involved aspect is rewarding.  In addition, various other aspects as a choice between Windows Server and Linux Server, processing speed of the server as high performing servers are necessary for complex activities, and hardware components need due consideration.

Intuitively choosing the dedicated server management solution provider is the key to successful execution. Selection of the essential parameters on the top priority and a comparative analysis of available services offer insight to make appropriate decisions beneficial for long-term positive results. Monetary features like monthly plan subscription fees, software-licensing fees, setup fees, additional bandwidth consumption charges, extra payables for upgrades, migrations, and parts need due consideration. Choosing the right service provider on these parameters is easy and in fact, it is rewarding for fresh startups and Corporate customers. The breakthroughs of technology are knocking on the door to offer the best the industry has to offer. Are you up to it now?

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