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Budget Apps Make Cents
2014-02-18 by  Joyce Morse


Budget software has become popular for both business and personal budgets.

With the ability to download apps for budgeting on smartphones, even more people are getting involved.


Benefits of Budget Apps

One of the big reasons to use a budget app is because you can keep track of all of your expenses and have the information on hand. Whether you are a business or an individual, it is important to have easy access to your financial information.

Once you put each expense in the program, you can track the total cost over time. Instead of guessing how much money you spend on one area, you will know the actual amount.

Budget apps can also help you reach goals that you set.

For instance, you can set a goal to save a certain amount of money. The app can remind you to set aside a portion each month until you reach your goal.

These apps can also be beneficial to a business that needs to track its expenses and revenue but isn't quite ready for a full system.

Perhaps you work from your home or have a virtual office. The apps can help you keep track of how your business is doing. You can scan invoices and receipts to make tax time easier.


How to Choose the Right Budget App

The first consideration should be security.

If you link the app with any of your accounts, then it should have the same level of security as a financial institution. It should require an ID and password for access, along with other security features.

You'll want to look at the features to decide which ones are important to you.

Do you want a budget app that reminds you when bills are due? Will you set up alerts for when your accounts drop below a certain level or your credit accounts are almost maxed out? Business apps can send out invoices and payment reminders.

Some apps allow you to enter information one time and it is transferred to where it needs to go. Other applications allow you to track into the future so you can begin saving ahead of time for periodic or irregular expenses.

If you want to set up a program at home and use it on the go, you can find software programs that also have apps for the phone or tablet. Since they are connected, you can take a quick glance at your financial status if you want to make a purchase. This is a great feature for both personal and business accounts.


Considering Price

Price may be a concern for you, which will rule out some of the more expensive options.

However, if you are just looking for a basic budget planner, you can often find what you want for free or a low cost. In fact, there are numerous programs and applications that you can buy for less than $50.


If you want to automate budgeting and keep the information at your fingertips, a budget app may be just what you need.

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