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Analyzing Big Data Through Clouds!
2014-02-03 by  Mike Shermon


Big Data, as everyone knows, creates significant business values and cloud serves as the perfect platform to generate insights in an economical manner. Thus, relationship will only mature with time and will look forward to manifestation of Big Data and flexibility of Cloud.

The realized importance of data insights is best demonstrated by large organizations through their expanded usage. As per IDC reports, large companies are involved in Big Data related projects with a deployment rate of 70% while in smaller businesses, it is 56%. Thus, there is an enhanced demand for Enterprise Database Management Solutions that promise better efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


This significant growth in data-driven endeavors has put spotlight directly on the novel Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL, etc. that are faster, reliable and help in managing the flow and information retrieval efficiently.

All organizations from BIG to SMALL can gather, utilize, and manage relevant data for their business genre on a real time basis instead of working on particular data for several months and then taking relevant decisions. Thus, Enterprise Database Management Solutions allow you to gather, scan and utilize the data rightly using the right technology.

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Mike Shermon

Mike Shermon


Mike Shermon is Stacker Cloud creator (public private and hybrid) at ConsolePark. He is responsible for cloud and hosting solutions for US market. With over 15 years of experience in IT, Shermon is a motivated and successful manager with expertise in handling complex IT challenges through innovative strategies.

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