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Going Beyond One-size-fits-all Storage Solutions
2014-01-30 by  Matt Smith


Along with the growth of a business comes the need for increased data storage capabilities. Data is a vital aspect of many businesses and the security of this data, as well as the space to store this information, can pose a problem for an expanding business.

If this data is not securely stored your business could be at risk for legal issues, decreased production and a loss of clients. Your business records, employee and client information, and other significant data all rely on an efficient and secure storage option. For this reason, it is necessary to thoroughly research various storage products in order to find an ideal solution for your business.

The Increasing Need for Storage 

Whether an increased storage capacity is a current or anticipated need it is essential to have an understanding of what will be required for an effective storage system. In addition to a growing collection of data, there are several other factors that are giving businesses a push to upgrade their storage systems. Some of these issues include:

  • Viruses and Spyware, which have created a large need for the backup of critical information.
  • Large media files are becoming more common and also require more storage space.
  • Multiple government regulations make it mandatory for businesses to maintain and back up certain forms of data.
  • Legal concerns have increased the need to archive electronic communication within a company.
  • Updated and new software tend to demand more storage space than their previous versions.

The storage and management of a company’s information is an indispensable factor that is tied to the success of the business. There are many options that can satisfy your business storage requirements. However, since every business will have different storage needs, it is important to evaluate the specific conditions of your company and you can also look into the possibility of using multiple storage options.

Evaluating Business Needs

Deciding what will be best for your business first requires an evaluation of your current and future storage demands followed by some research into different storage solutions to fulfill those demands. Once you have outlined these elements you can set up a plan to put this process in motion.

There are multiple data-related aspects of your business that should be assessed in addition the purpose they serve and how they are used. Some of these data elements include:

  • The types of applications used.
  • The servers that hold the different files and applications.
  • The average size of the files generated by your applications.
  • The usefulness and age of the data.
  • The relation of the data to business operations.
  • The accessibility requirements of the data.
  • The location of the data.

After you have determined the amount of data your company is dealing with, and how often they access most of this data, you will be able to look into storage solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.

Potential Storage Solutions

Although the need for storage has increased considerably over the last few years, there are also more options when it comes to storing your data. The following storage choices will provide you with varying amounts of storage space as well as different levels of accessibility and security features.

USB Flash Drives– These drives provide convenience as well as accessibility and can be easily stored because of their compact size. Some of these drives offer security features to protect your information if the device is lost or stolen and they also allow you to back up and transfer information without the need to take your laptop with you.

External Hard Drives– These devices are a step above the flash drives as far as storage space is concerned and are a simple way to back up the files on your computer. However, like the flash drive, this device can be lost, damaged or stolen and should not be your only source of backup storage.

Remote Servers– There are many online storage options that can remotely store your data and securely back up your files. This choice allows you to store large amounts of data and also share them more easily with individuals that may need access to them. There is also the benefit of being able to access the information from any computer. Your ability to save your data to these servers is directly tied to your network access and the speed at which you can achieve this storage is connected to your network as well.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)– Fast and reliable access to your data can be accomplished through NAS providers. This type of storage relies on an IP networking environment and is ideal for small to medium businesses and are typically simple to set up. 

These storage options are just a few of the choices you have when it comes to the data requirements of your business. Although there is a lot of information available to you online, it may also be beneficial to seek advice from an IT consultant. Finding the right storage solution for your business will not only help secure your information, it also has the potential to increase efficiency and save you money and time down the line.

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