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Web Hosting 101 - What To Know When Getting Your Website Started


Having a website is a great opportunity for an individual or an organization to share their ideas and connect with an audience over the internet. There are many elements to consider when running an effective website, and web hosting is one of the most important. An individual or organization that wants to start a website must weigh all of their options when it comes to web hosting. Even before that, a website has to have a domain name, which is the URL address a computer user types into their web browser to go to a specific website. Some web hosting providers package domain name registration with their service.

Types of Web Hosting
There are several types of web hosting to consider in determining what will most meet a customer's needs.

Shared hosting

This is an inexpensive route for hosting a website. This type of hosting is when multiple customers share space on the same server to host their websites. These customers share the cost of an internet connection. Unfortunately, because of the shared connection, website speed is often negatively impacted.

Dedicated hosting

This allows individuals or organizations to have more control over their websites. With dedicated hosting, a provider leases dedicated equipment and connectivity, giving the customer greater control over their hosting environment. Dedicated hosting can cost a customer more, and the customer should have a working knowledge of server administration and information technology.

A step above dedicated hosting is to go with a managed server. This is a more advanced type of dedicated hosting, and it provides customers with more support and management of the server by the provider. With managed hosting, the provider owns and maintains responsibility for monitoring the server, network, data centers, and other devices. The customer continues to control their operating system and their applications. Managed hosting is an expensive, but ultimately cost-effective solution, for customers who need their website running on all cylinders at all times.

Choosing a Host Provider
There are many hosting providers available and many of them provide the same types of services and support at similar costs. When looking for a hosting provider, a customer should look for how their site will perform with the company, the uptime of your site, cost, and customer service.

Individuals and organizations should weigh all of these considerations when starting a website. It's important to determine website needs, and find the combination that fits those needs.

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