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Punching Up The Right Tablets
2014-01-14 by  Adam Groff


Gaining popularity in the tech world are tablets and for good reason: they can do just about everything a desktop or laptop can, but at a fraction of the size and cost. And, with the tablet market trending its way sky high for 2014, it means more and more tablets are making their debut.

So, in order to take the guesswork out of buying your new handheld powerhouse, here are just a few tablet-purchasing tips:

Check Reviews and Shop Around

There are plenty of reviews available for almost any tablet on the market, so before you commit to purchasing one, check out the online reviews first. Consumer reviews are great because they cover both advantages and flaws you might not think of, which is especially helpful when buying electronics.

Once you find the ideal tablet with the highest reviews, the next step is pounding the digital pavement for the best price.

Although price and quality usually go hand-in-hand, this isn’t necessarily the case with tablets. From brand and storage capacity to the operating system and online capabilities, there are plenty of affordable, quality tablets out there.

Take Size and Storage into Consideration

Reviews and price aside, you’ll want to pick a tablet that’s right for you in terms of size. Apple, Samsung, Kindle, and Google all have 8 to 10-inch displays that are considered average-sized. But, if portability is the purpose, all the top tablet manufacturers have “mini” versions that fall in the 5 to 7-inch range.

After you’ve decided on the right size, next in line is storage capacity.

When determining your storage needs, first take into consideration the primary purpose of the tablet. If you’re simply using it to get online, then 16GB is more than enough. But, if you’re an app junkie, then a 32 or 64GB tablet is a better choice.

Android, Apple, or Windows?

The operating system is the brains behind your new tablet and also a huge factor to take into consideration.

Although there are plenty of tablets to choose from, there are only a handful of operating systems for them. And, the operating system you choose decides which tablet you go with and vice versa.

With this in mind, one tablet rule of thumb to follow is to choose a tablet with an operating system that matches your home computer. For example, if your running Mac OS X on your desktop or laptop, then an iPad makes the most sense in terms of compatibility. But, mixing things can give you the best of both worlds.

Connectivity and Apps

If you’re looking to get online with your new tablet, then connectivity is a consideration. Many of the tablets on the market come in Wi-Fi only models, which are sufficient for around the house or the coffee shop. But, if you need to get online while on the go, 3G and 4G capabilities is a must – just remember this option requires a wireless plan.

As for apps, the Apple iPad is king with over 350,000 available apps that range from tablet-tailored programs to games and everywhere in between. That said, Android is closing in on Apple’s availability with more and more new apps popping up every day.


When it comes to choosing the best tablet for your needs, the information above should help you narrow your search.

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