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Use The Cloud To Assist Managing Your Data
2014-01-13 by  Joyce Morse


Companies that require large databases to manage vast amounts of data are beginning to turn to the cloud for data management.

This may be beneficial for many types of data, including customer information or retail transactions. It is often easier to analyze and support big data than using in-house databases that can create more challenges than they help solve.

Cloud services provide many functions for data.

They not only store and share the data; they can process different applications and provide analytics for all or part of the data. With several options for the type of data management chosen, every business can have its data storage needs met in an efficient and productive manner.


Variety of Platforms for Every Business

Infrastructure as a Service is one type of cloud storage that allows an organization to outsource its operations.

However, the software will have to be installed and someone will have to manage the resources being used. The main benefit that companies see when they use IaaS is faster computing. This is essential when time is important to the accumulation of data.

Another option that the cloud provides is Platform as a Service.

With this model, companies can customize applications to meet their specific needs. It also works well for global teams that must work together to make changes and update information.

With Software as a Service, ready-made applications are utilized through a particular network. Administration of this type of system is easy, but the programs can't be customized as easily as with other options. Many companies use a combination of data storage.


From Unstructured To Useful Data

As more businesses store unstructured data from social media and other locations, that data must be turned into something useful for the companies.

The problem with storing it the traditional way is that it requires a lot of space and it can take a long time to sort through the data to find relevant and valuable information. It can also be complicated to figure out how to store and organize it, a problem which is compounded by the sheer volume of new data that is available every day.

With cloud computing, this vast amount of data is quickly sorted and transformed into bits of information that can be accessed when needed.

You'll also discover numerous options within each cloud provider such as Syncsort and other big data solutions.


Two Problems Solved

First, cloud data management systems allow companies to store more and more data without a large investment in on-site storage. This permits the organizations to continue to add more data without increasing costs.

Second, these systems make it easier for the average person to accumulate and dissect the data instead of requiring a specialist to analyze and reproduce the data. This allows it to be available sooner for the company. It is also provided in an easier-to-read format such as graphs, tables, and charts that can be accessed in real time.


Perhaps the best reason for using cloud storage for big data is that it allows businesses the opportunity to accumulate more specific information on customers and increase their profit potential.

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