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Managed Hosting Advantages


Managed web hosting offers plenty of benefits for businesses, helping them improve their online presence and manage their server effectively. With dedicated server hosting, businesses have the advantage of using dedicated services, with no competition for data, bandwidth usage or customer service with other clients. However, managed hosting shouldn't be treated as one-size fits all, as the needs and infrastructure of every business are different.
High-Performing: With server hosting services, you have full root access, besides the benefit of superior connectivity and network infrastructure, which ensure no less than ultimate performance and speed.
• In-house IT Reduction: With managed web hosting, you don’t have to worry about managing your servers, which is the responsibility of your hosting service provider, who takes care of the day-to-day tasks, including monitoring, patching, and backups. So you can focus on your core competencies and running your business.
Customizable: This type of server hosting services is flexible enough to enable you to choose the services you need to customize your hosting environment. All managed services offer load balancing, managed firewalls, storage solution, and intrusion detection, besides effective troubleshooting in time.
Compliance & Security: If you need applications requiring PCI compliance or extra security, managed servers offer you the ideal option, ensuring continuous monitoring of your server.
Reliability: If your business needs 100% uptime, full-service managed hosting solutions are the best alternative, offering high speed accessibility, ensuring resources are optimized to the fullest.
Superior Support: In house data centre experts provide 24/7 technical support, ensuring you don’t need to depend on training new people for management of your server. This makes sure your site is up and running all the time, with the least amount of downtime.
Cost: Server hosting services help bring down the overall server management cost, thus adding to the benefits of the dedicated server.
Expansion: A managed web hosting provider can help expand your global reach with a global footprint, so you don't have to bother about the building data centre in-house and spending invaluable time managing employees and third-party providers. Moreover, with such type of managed hosting, you don’t need to worry about the management of vendor relationships for software and hardware, as the vendor is responsible for that. Further, the vendor is responsible for the complete management of the platform and its performance.
Security: With managed hosting, you get timely software updates, which ensure your servers stay protected all the time against the latest threats. Backup is another critical service offered by managed hosts to save your vital applications and data in the event of a disaster and keep them available. Hosting providers implement stringent security measures, utilizing advanced security systems to prevent hackers and spammers from succeeding in infiltrating the network, to ensure your confidential data on the server remains safe and secure. Besides security updates, the hosting provider is responsible for all control panel updates and operating system updates, giving you adequate peace of mind that somebody is taking care of these important aspects.
Scalable: Managed web hosting providers offer additional space to support your business expansion needs. Updating and monitoring bandwidth, CPU usage, and disk space is a breeze with web hosts.
Managed server hosting services has become indispensable for businesses that can't take the risk of being "one among many" clients on a server; rather, need a dedicated service for their smooth functioning.

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