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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Cloud Document Management Services
2014-01-08 by  Harry Trott


In the modern business world, collaboration and productivity is everything. With an increase in the use of technology at the work place, the cost of enhancing productivity is insanely low. What this also means is that unless your business proactively keeps a tab on the new technologies available, you could be losing out to competition. The simplest and quintessentially the most necessary product in a current-day workplace is a cloud document management system. These systems could include the popular applications like Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 for running the individual documents. While there are few businesses today that can operate without these productivity suites, the fact remains that a lot more is possible with these applications when they are used the right way. Here are some critical ways these applications help small businesses.

Real-Time Decision Making:

The workforce of the modern world is spread across the globe. Consequently, collaboration between the teams and synchronization of statuses from various teams is extremely critical. With a cloud based document system, teams from across the globe can update their statuses and notes on the same document. This can be readily accessed by anyone from the team in other parts of the world. This is a very important tool that aids in real time decision making since the employee responsible for the decision has all the necessary data at their disposal when they need it. They no longer have to wait for an email response from colleagues from other parts of the world.

Knowledge Management:

An offshoot of this data synchronization between various teams is effective knowledge management. A lot of businesses today are engaged in outsourcing parts of their tasks to a third party. Add to this the high rate of attrition in a number of industries. These parameters mandate the need of an appropriate knowledge management system that ensures the work related knowledge and data is available to the team regardless of it being outsourced, or the employee quitting the organization.


Traditional premise-based software applications require extensive infrastructure deployments that take a toll on the capital expenditure of businesses. Today, you can make do without any of these expenses by using a cloud based document management solution that is scalable as you grow. These pay-as-you-go methods ensure you pay extremely low amount of money when you have small needs and pay more as your requirement increases. Modern business internet connections come integrated with managed IP services that include fully managed cloud based infrastructure services that offer the same kind of scalability.

Managing Data:

This is a benefit that goes without saying. In a business that has thousands of documents archived over time, it is essential to own a service that can quickly and efficiently retrieve the necessary documents. A cloud based document management system makes this all the more efficient by letting the business aggregate data from multiple locations and accessing them from any part of the world.


It may be a bit ironical, but a cloud based document management system is in fact a secure method to protect documents against natural disasters. On-premise solutions are likely to be lost in times of earthquakes or fire. By saving the document in a cloud, it is possible to ensure that the latest data is synchronized and stored securely in multiple data centers. This ensures any data that is lost can be quickly retrieved and restored.

Do you have a document management system for your business on the cloud? How do you think it has benefitted you? Tell us in the comments.

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