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Cloud Computing And Its Benefits For Businesses
2014-01-07 by  Mike Hosting


In the last few years, a radical change has been noticed in the operations of different organizations. Irrespective of their size and nature, companies have started adopting cloud computing solutions to manage all their IT operations. This new step towards empowering the computer efficiency has equipped businesses to manage their projects efficiently. Earlier, businesses used to download the applications or programs on a physical computer or server in their office to run them; the invention of cloud technology made it possible for them to access the same kinds of application through the internet from anywhere under the sun.

The technology growing in popularity and the experts are expecting this growth to double in the coming years. From security, flexibility, resource management and costing point of view, cloud has a match to none. Lets us discuss some of the benefits that cloud hosting offers to the businesses:

Flexibility: In some international surveys it is found that most people prefer cloud solution for its ability to quickly meet business demands. As everything is managed over internet and because of the service’s remote servers, it becomes absolutely easy to quickly adapt to consumer’s business requirements.

Automatic Software Updating: The solution sets you free from updating your software again and again. When you switch to cloud, the service providers do the server maintenance and also do the security updates themselves. This saves the time and resource of the consumers using the solution.

Disaster Recovery: Companies, who still rely on traditional hosting solutions, require to chalk out complex disaster recovery plans. However, with a cloud-based solution, the business owners stay free of any disaster management issues as the provider take care of most issues and solve them at a faster speed. Surveys show that the technology resolves issues at an average of 2.1 hours, where as in traditional method it takes around 8 hours to solve the problem.

Increased Collaboration: It is a good way to promote collaboration among employees. The technology helps employees synchronize up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously. The employees can also follow each-other and receive critical updates in real-time.
Surveys showed that companies that invest on collaboration technology get a 400% return on investment (ROI).

Cost-efficient: Cloud computing is purely pay-as-you-go service where the consumer need not to fear big capital investment. Moreover, for its faster deployment features, it requires minimal project start-up costs and minimizes the overall operational expenses.

Security: According to a survey, around 800,000 laptops are lost every year by the business professionals during their travel. Cloud technology ensures better security, as the data is stored in cloud which can be regained even if the machine gets lost.

From individual users to business owners, cloud computing is beneficial for both to keep all their data in a safe place. Choosing a right cloud hosting provider depends largely on the requirements of the consumer. Individual users may save their data online on Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive or Skydrive. However, for organizations, it's always better to take the services from a paid hosting expert.

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