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Cloud Computing And How To Go About Migration And Deployment


Cloud computing is one of the more recent computing models which has received quite a lot of attention since its introduction. Businesses all over the world have started adopting this model as it offers some tremendous advantages that make it a highly useful and a cost effective way of working. In the most simplest of words, cloud computing refers to the computing that is based on the internet. The software and data that a business uses, is hosted on to a central server and this can be accessed by any number of computer terminals. If we consider an office where almost every employee makes use of the same software and apps, this model of working can be quite useful. There is no necessity of installing the required apps onto each and every computer terminal. Maintenance of the whole infrastructure becomes much easier as updates need to be performed only on the server side. However, switching over to cloud computing requires effective migration and deployment efforts. Here are few things to look for in a cloud deployment solution.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

In this way of computing, it would be better to have a private cloud, where your sensitive data is stored, and a public cloud for your apps and services. This would be ideal as your mission critical apps and data wouldn't be exposed to any vulnerability. However, for this to work there needs to be seamless synergy between these two clouds.

Automated Solutions

Adopting a hybrid cloud model has some unique advantages like scalability and cost effectiveness. However, switching over to this can prove to be testing if you don't work with the right solutions. You need to look for solutions that enable a rapid yet safe deployment of your apps and services onto the cloud. Hence fully automated solutions are the way to go. With such an automated solution, you wouldn't have to spend time or efforts on visualization of apps and services. Ideally, migration and deployment into a new model of working has to be done as quickly as possible. If not, you could very well lose out on your production time which would directly translate to a loss.

Easy to Operate

The migration and deployment itself shouldn't be much complicated as this would again take a considerable amount of your productive time. With some looking around you could find hybrid cloud automation solutions that enable you to go cloud in as little as three steps, download the software solution, prepare your apps and data for deployment, and deploy.

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